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What sectors should we focus on in 2023?

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What will happen Better booths On the Stock market In 2023? This year, which is just beginning, will not be easy for investors: the economic framework continues a lot indecision Instead of security which is why many are still looking intently for the value companies instead of speculationalthough multiples of many growth stocks now exist Historic bottoms.

Stock market: what are the predictions for 2023?

According to forecasts of Western central banks, 2023 will remain a turbulent year for stock markets: Outlook interest rates And the from inflation remain high and if a correction of these values ​​occurs, we should expect A economic slowdown or even one Recession.

Regard economic inflation However, a note must be made: it seems to have arrived at Maximum In 2022, mainly in United States of AmericaIt is for this reason that the market appears contrary to central bank opinion and expectations rising In the market stock For the year 2023. A more moderate vision sees a meeting point between the opinion of the market and that of banks Mid 2023At what time should monetary policy be eased? in a Europe The situation is even more worrying because among the variables to consider there is also that energy click Russian conflict in Ukraine. In both scenarios, there seems to be little room for gambling: historically most titles My guess they tend to Poor performance in these economic contexts. For this reason, investors look positively at companies with their own value Stock selection.

What are the stock sectors to watch for 2023?

Many analysts share that 2023 will be a mixed year for stocks: some sectors could be Withstands More up front to economic problems Which looms until I managed to score a good performance. For this reason, investors are looking forward to Thematic fundsFunds to be invested in: a room instead of public funds. Among the most interesting sectors in uncertain economic contexts such as the current one is the sector the healthfollower services and gods Goods and services Which in the past has shown its strength in most cases in difficult contexts. This is because the production of firms belonging to the aforementioned sectors cannot be lacking in household expenditure, not even in recessionary economic contexts. On the contrary, we are supposed to expect A Cuts on the cost of goods less important: That’s why sectors like eg Telecommunications They are not attractive in this scenario.

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We can also notice the same difference between the stocks the value and verbs growth: According to reports of some investment banks, it could be in 2023 to complete to be a year the value At the expense of growth, which throughout 2022 recorded a decidedly negative performance. Finally, an analysis by Morningstar highlighted the fact that since 1980, the distributed shares They showed that they are more resilient in the face of crisis.

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