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Ukraine, the direct chief of intelligence in Kiev: “The Russians have undermined the Zaporizhia plant.” BIDEN: Putin’s nuclear threat is real

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Zelensky: “Our soldiers destroy the enemy”

“Our soldiers in the south and east are destroying the enemy and physically liberating Ukraine. They will continue to do so. There is no place here for murderers and terrorists and there will not be. Every Russian attack, every Russian terrorist attack is explained by the fact that the occupiers have no chance of staying on our lands, “wrote Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Telegram in his evening message to the country. In his post, Zelensky noted, “Today, rescuers were injured in Kherson as a result of the shelling of the occupiers. They were dealing with the aftermath of the Russian terrorist attack on the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station and it was bombed by Russian artillery. Eight employees of the state emergency services were injured and one was killed… My condolences to their families and friends. Soldiers Ukrainians will definitely respond to all these meannesses. He wrote: “Thank you to everyone who trains our soldiers and helps us with weapons. Ukraine uses every weapon and every grenade as efficiently as possible, always to protect human life.” “I thank everyone who is fighting and working for Ukraine. I thank all our servicemen who are now in battles, in positions and on combat missions. In the Zaporizhia and Donetsk regions, you are great.

Kiev: “Russians are digging trenches in populated centers in Zaporizhia”

“In the south of Ukraine, the offensive continues in several areas, and there is some progress in all areas in which our army moves. But the enemy does not want to give up the positions it occupies, and fierce fighting continues and fierce battles,” Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malia wrote on Telegram in the update. Al-Masaei, explaining that “the Russian army is digging in the fields, and there is also information that the enemy in the Zaporizhzhya Oblast is digging trenches even in settlements where people live, without warning them in advance.” “In the south, there are battles in areas where Ukrainian soldiers are advancing and the enemy is on the defensive. At the same time, there are areas where, on the contrary, the enemy is advancing and we are on the defensive.

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Kherson rescuers bombed: 1 dead, 7 wounded

“The Russian army fired at rescuers in Kherson who were clearing silt. The shelling killed a rescue worker and injured seven others. Six are in serious condition,” wrote the head of the Ukrainian presidential office Andriy Yermak on Telegram

The head of the Military Intelligence of Ukraine Budanov again appears in a video: “The Zaporizhia power plant was blown up”

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, Kirillo Budanov, has reappeared on television, denying rumors in the Russian media that he has been accused of being murdered or in a coma for days after the Russian attack on Kiev on May 29. “The Zaporizhzhya power plant was further undermined. The worst thing is that the radiator was undermined. If they disable it, there is a high probability of big problems,” he said in a television broadcast, the videos of which can be seen on the RBC-Ukraine channel.

Destroyed leopard, the soldier receives 10 thousand euros

Received one prize 1 million rubles (about 10,800 euros) Russian soldier who destroyed a tank Fahad German-made in battle at Ukraine. This was announced by the Russian Ministry of Defense, which published a video showing the soldier, Andrey Kravtsovsitting on a hospital bed while receiving the bounty from him Alexander Carlina three-time Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling and a member of the “Care of Siberia” foundation of entrepreneurs who founded the award.
The Russian ministry did not specify when and where Kravtsov Destroy the tank or why is he in the hospital. The same Dicastry Last week it was announced that it was paid rewards to more than 10 thousand Russian soldiers Since the beginning of the war Ukraine – that He flies Defines a “special military operation” – to destroy or capture equipment army Ukrainians or given by the West. The established “tariff” expects 100,000 rubles for a tank and 300,000 rubles for an aircraft.

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Lavrov: If NATO wants to fight, we are ready “

“if it was childby the secretary Stoltenbergagain declares that it is against freezing the dispute in Ukraine This means that they want fights. We are ready for that, ”said a minister Russian foreignAnd Sergey Lavrov. Head of diplomacy He flies He reaffirmed that “with regard to the prospects for the special military operation, the goals that have been set will be achieved.”

South African Foreign Minister: Frank talks with Putin and Zelensky

The talks took place in recent days between a delegation of African leaders and heads of state Russia And UkraineAnd Russian President Vladimir Putin And Volodymyr Zelensky. South African Foreign Minister said: Naledi PandoraPress meeting. “We’ve had very open discussions, very intense at times, and they’ve been good. Both leaders have been frank with our delegation. But through our presidents we’ve been both open and frank Pandorawhose state was among those who made up the delegation. Pandora He noted that there would be no talk of the success of the African leaders’ mission even He flies And Kyiv They will not start peace talks. At the same time, he added that intention Russia And Ukraine The continued interaction with the African mission is a positive aspect.

The European Union is reviewing the Kiev budget: “50 billion for Kiev, and 15 for migrants”

We are in a very different context from 2020 and these crises have had repercussions on our budget, we have exhausted its flexibility. We had to re-prioritize our money.”: Ukraineimmigration competitiveness. chief said European Union CommissionAnd Ursula von der Leyen Publication of the multi-year budget review proposal. “On theUkraine We propose to support “50 billion” from the general budget for immigration “We proposed to increase the budget by 15 billion.”

Kiev: “Europe plans to train 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers”

as part of an assignmentEuropean Union for military assistance in UkraineThis year, training 30 thousand soldiers Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was reported by the Ministry defense On Telegram, ii ukrinform. In 2023, as part of a mission EU military assistance to Ukraineit is planned for training 30 thousand soldiers From the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including me Soldiers From the transatlantic force, ”the note reads. As reported, the participants in the meeting Rammstein 13 They discussed the European leadership’s plans United State, So are individuals European countriesto train me Soldiers Ukrainians On planes, tanks and more platformsas well as to ensure the effectiveness of movable weapons.

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Lula will meet the Pope in Italy: “He wants to end the war”

“I called him, I took The initiativeI called dad And I told him that I would like to visit him. He is very interested in ending the war in Ukraine And RussiaI also want to talk to him about this topic HelloThat’s what he said Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Just before boarding the plane for Rome Today begins a two-day visit. the president Brazilian Tomorrow you will meet the President of the Republic Sergio MattarellaGreeted by Pope Francis and will meet the mayor of the capital Robert Gualtieri. Today he has a meeting with a sociologist scheduled Dominic DeMacy. Speaking from the Alvorada Palace, Brazilian media reported, Lola explained with Francis He also intends to talk about inequality. “I want to take advantage of my mandate to try to create awareness in the world that it is inexplicable to not be indignant at hunger on a planet that produces more food than we consume,” said the president, reiterating his intention to invite the pope to Cirio de Nazaréone of the largest Catholic celebrations in Brazil that takes place annually in Belém and thanked the Pope for his “solidarity” during the operations of Lava Jato.

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