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Mastini, hope of a return fades: the final is Caldaro Berghain

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Twelve months later, ICaldaro takes revenge on Mastini in the Italian Cup. To reach the final on Sunday 21 v. Bergin (Who beat Appiano 6-2). Coach Suikanen Locchi Who beats Czarnecki in the Northern derby? 4-2 final In the 60th minute at the end of a strange, non-linear match, but in it Mastiffs fail to show 'best hockey' Which the coach invoked in yellow and black on the eve of the match.

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Semi-final: Caldaro – Mastini 4-2 4 of 27

Let's be clear: No balance It will be so He could also have easily leaned to Varese's side But – and here Czarnecki was absolutely right – in the end it was them details To make a difference. Specifically the one at approximately minute 54 of the match: Andergassen's miracle On the one hand, Raimondi's mistake on the other hand Thus it is possible (and all in all) 2-2 we moved to Double advantage for South Tyrol At that point it is almost unrecoverable. The Mastiffs then also tied with Majul 3-2, but with the unguarded goal came the final goal that propelled Vulcan and company into the final.

Varese has A mistake that almost gave up the first straightwhere Vanetti and his companions did not succeed in arousing any concern Excellent Andergasses. And then Czarnecki lost some arrows from his quiver starting from Magul, which had two peaks (Another on deflection and target) but We've seen less than we should. Caldaro was more linear: Andergasen (who received the MVP award) made no mistake and was in front of him The defense did not allow any mistakes; Lucci then relied on her more often Fast actionsat the expense of leaving Varese long in the third period, a tactic that paid off.

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It's a shame, because as has already been emphasized, an adverse ruling wouldn't be unfair either; The bright side is that Mastiffs have three more months to go To try to replicate themselves in the tournament and from what we saw Appearance in international humanitarian law is not impossible. But, of course, the others are there too and Caldaro hasn't stolen anything: now we'll see if they can beat Bergin too, with heavier legs and four fewer hours to recover.

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A thousand in the stands trying to push the yellow and black towards the final: Czarnecki He doesn't have last minute defections (Fanelli and Allevato out), he mixes up the lines a bit and instead of the absent Max Cordiano lines up Di Santi on loan From Aosta. On the other side is the Finnish couple Without vertala The injured Timo was replaced in the attack by his experienced compatriot RIKENNEN.

the match

the – Mastini is better in the first and last halves than the third: very little to worry anyone about Caldaro is more accurate On the right track and deserves the advantage, even if it is small. After a few yellow and black actions, they become Lucci to take the lead Enough to warm Perla gloves, ready anyway. However, after 8 minutes, Vignoli Caldaro's pass gave the extra man to pass: a Finnish movement on the right, a ball sliding in from the other side that caught the defense by surprise and Silva's shot was unable to be blocked by Perla this time.
The expected reaction is in yellow and black it does not arrive: A few attempts but nothing significant at least when the third starts to slip towards the end. The best things come from Petronero But Andergassen is ready. At the moment of maximum pressure, Felderer was able to escape through the counterattack, forcing Bertin from a penalty kick. The first mermaid arrives At 1-0 Guest with 33 inches of undermanagement.

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secondly – The Mastiffs take the penalty well but the first danger lies with Perla: the quick and cannon landing Fielder contained by the goalkeeper Before it ends in front of the moving door. However, Varese grows: Tellaro invents for Cordiano, and Naslund fires Out of the blue but Andergassen is always present and so are Sheena's attempts. The usual red and white reboot causes this to happen Penalty for Eric Mazagan, was well managed this time by the Czarniki boys. The fourth sending off for 2' (Pietronero) angered the crowd but was balanced out by a penalty kick for Virtalla. Then it was Schwepfer's turn Get out and this time it's me Mastiff hit With the action that ended with a blow Winner by Marcello Borghi 3' from the siren. Minutes is a yellow and black attack: Naslund pinches and then gives the optical illusion of a goal Raimondi misses the rebound Close: 1-1 and everyone is at the break.

Third -The first few minutes of the straight were fairly nice however Goal (47′) from Caldaro It's a bolt out of the blue. Action similar to what happened 1-0 with Vulcan is very free Central location. But no Key moment It has not yet come and is coming soon Undergasser miraculously saves Raimondi Then Crivellari is asked Magul finds the post He blocked a shot from 91 in the yellow and black and a few moments later Caldaro scored again. Raimondi is wrong On the way out, Perla has to throw himself into an avalanche, rejecting the puck, but he can't do anything on it. Pool shot from outside by Erschbamer. Varese does his best, removes the goalkeeper and scores 3-2 with one goal Magul offer Marcelo Borghi sent it well with 1'27″ remaining. But miracles don't come, and – with an empty goal – here it is Poker presented by De Donà Who ousted former cup holders Mastini from tonight.

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Caldaro Rotoplas – Mastini Varese 4-2
(1-0; 0-1; 3-1)

Tags: 9.07 Silva (C – Reikkinen, Virtala); 37.01 PM. Burgi (f – m. Mazzacan); 47.19 Vulcan (C – Silva, Rekkinen), 54.54 Erschpammer (C – G. Oberauch), 58.33 Majul (V – M. Borghi, Naslund), 59.28 De Donna (C – Rekkinen, Revue).

Caldaro: a. Andergassen (Merelli); Vulcan, M. Virtala,R.,Schoepfer,Massar,Waldthaler,Di Donna,Rikkinen,Silva,Oberhuber,Cappuccio,J.Oberrauch,Erschbamer,P. Andergassen, Felderer, Opexer, Anderlin, M. Oberauch.
Varese: Pearl (Marinelli); Sheena, E. Mazzacan, Di Santi, Naslund, Bertin, Vignoli; Petronero, Vanetti, M.Borghi, Peroso, Magol, Raimondi, P.Borghi, M.Mazzacan, T.Cordiano, Perino, Crivelari, Tellaro. All.Czarnicki.
the reviewer: Pedana and Gruber (Carrito and Del Amico).
NB. Penalty kick: V 29′, C 35′. Excellence: V. 1-4, Part 2-4. Spectators: 1,100.

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