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HCMV Varese Hockey, Daniel Belloni is still among the mastiffs

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This is a confirmation, which arrived a few hours ago and which bears the signature Daniel Belloni In yellow and black again in the next stage season.

is his important and required signature because the boy goes to take sixth place in defense, This completes the three posterior Varese lines. Moreover, there is no point in denying that, during the days I played the last tournament, Daniel has shown continuous growth compared to the start of the season and this bodes well for the new year.

The defender Twenty-four years old he grew up He also found a good physical condition that made him feel more and more comfortable, especially in third place defensively. Even in the latter part of the season, when he was tormented by a little physical problem, he did not hold back and made his contribution by ensuring significant changes in the defensive courses.

Daniel Belloni already knows the truth about Varese as he had the chance to “taste it” in 2018. That season, he made 22 appearances, mainly due to bits of ice. However, last season, he was more powerful and found more continuity of play.

With its height of 186cm, it ensures the physical presence and tangible thrust that sometimes pushes the player to develop his range of motion, even if boy quality is certainly the ability to do so. Constantly occupying the defensive zonewithout loosening a lot of buttons and providing coverage for the team.

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