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Marvel fans defend Kevin Smith after director’s words about Martin Scorsese

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In these parts, We’ve Given Up Now: The Controversy Sparked by Martin Scorsese’s Now Famous Phrases in Films Marvel Cinematic Universe It is clearly destined to last until the final death of cinema. The last to pay for it was Kevin Smith, who in recent days has been hacked on social media.

He was the manager of Clerks already Comment on Scorsese’s comments actually trying satisfy souls: According to good Kevin, it wouldn’t make sense to take it out of a director who is essentially the author of timeless masterpieces, but secondly in a position that, by age and culture, it’s really hard to appreciate. Kind of cinema.

Words which were obviously misinterpreted, given the filthy storm that struck poor Smith in these hours: hundreds of fans, however, immediately rushed to our defense. “It’s all very funny, because Smith just said:Why are you angry with Scorsese?“,”I don’t care to defend Kevin Smith, but those sentences about Scorsese aren’t wrong“,”Smith is innocent, they played with him this timeWe read in some of the comments.

In the meantime, we’re stopping here on the riverbank to wait for the next corpse to pass by This endless war: Here, meanwhile, find a file Tom Holland replied to Martin Scorsese About the Marvel movies.

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