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Non-reimbursable contributions to hurdles in the event of a fee reduction in 2020

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Rent Bonus: Non-reimbursable contributions to hurdles if a rent reduction actually occurs during 2020. The Revenue Agency does not take into account the principal amounts, and therefore you are entitled to less amounts than may be owed. The problem reported since July is still unresolved.

Rental Bonus: l ‘revenue agency He is less generous with me beneficiaries which underestimated Leasing actually During the year 2020.

to me Scholarship account The original amounts, but those already reviewed in descending order, and therefore you are entitled to smaller amounts Of those that may be owed in case Reduction within 2021.

This is the report that comes from one reader But as for different taxpayers: since last July, errors in the system have remained uncorrected.

that it paradox If you believe the measure provided byArticle 9 IV of the Refreshments Decree, titled Residential Real Estate Rent Payment Sustainability Fund.

Those who made premium to its tenants for a longer period.

Rent Bonus: Unpaid Contributions to Hurdles in the Event of Rent Reduction in 2020

Recognize obstacles Rental Bonus System Developed by the revenue agency, it is necessary Calculation method analysis For the benefit and the steps to be followed to apply Order arrive to Non-repayable contribution to rent reduction.

The The value of the rental bonus 2021 Commensurate with theThe total amount of reductions in rents for residential real estate relating to 2021 monthly salaries, granted or to be given to the tenant and reported or reported to the Revenue Agency By December 31, 2021.

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can reach the maximum 1.200 EUR It equals 50 percent of the total amount of renegotiations.

Therefore, among the data to indicate in the application Annual fee amount It is necessary to determine the amount to which you are entitled.

Once the lease is determined, however, the the system Compilation of the related part “Registered Tenancy Contract Data” Without leaving the taxpayer the possibility of interfering with the change.

The result? The fee value which was realized in 2020. And in the event of a decline already in 2020, due to the epidemic, the benefit It is not calculated on the original amount But already a small amount.

In other words, it takes into account Reality is not the truth, it is no coincidence that the comparison term for calculating benefits, as well as non-repayable contributions to VAT figures, is always 2019.

Rent Bonus: Non-repayable contributions to reduce rent among some missed mistakes and solutions

The Submission Instructions Approved with the provision of the number. 180139 dated July 6, 2021. Expiration To apply, it was first determined on September 6 and then Until October 6, 2021.

As the reader points out, editing Tax informationAnd There are many Potential Beneficiaries of the Rental Bonus who found themselves with My calculation basis is incorrect It is impossible to modify the reports and send them torevenue agency since last summer.

Officials admitted from the start system error. And when the file Extension to send requests Looks like it was taking time Open the possibility to fill in the data Useful in determining the amount payable for the grant to reduce rent.

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The Deadline October 6 arrived but nothing new Came to taxpayers who lowered Rent during the year 2020.

Everything is ready forBenefit disbursement from 2022: Based on the requests received, the Revenue Agency has established that Available resources It was sufficient to fulfill the requests.

But the non-reimbursable contribution made in some cases still exists mini version.

How do you confirm your reasons? For those who do not give up, the Revenue Agency offers various solutions:

It is necessary to make a special offer Self defense app […]. Together with the respective scholarship application form, duly completed and signed, it is necessary to attach the application to the self-protection, where it must be highlighted and notarized (attaching the fee renegotiations already implemented or still in progress carried out and other documents in its possession Useful for practice definition) All useful items needed to Correct determination of the contribution payable So pay the difference..

This is the answer that comes October 20 by an official. While at the end of November another colleague recommended Submitting a request in self defense single After receiving the scholarshipAlways as long as you don’t get a file Measurement To put an end to this issue.

In short, the error is there and being recognized, but there is solution Nobody knows when it will arrive.

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