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Zelensky: “Moscow controls 20% of Ukraine.” A new post-Hungarian summit does on Kirill. Orban: “We will respect the EU’s options” – live

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Frontex: “More Ukrainians return than flee”

Approximately 5.3 million Ukrainian citizens have fled to the European Union since the war began in February, while the total number of internally displaced persons entering Europe, including non-Ukrainian citizens, has reached 7 million. Latest Bulletin From FrontexEuropean border control agency. In recent weeks, the number of people returning to Ukraine has been greater than those who left the country: between May 25 and 31, in fact, nearly 260,000 Ukrainians left the European Union. In total, 2.3 million Ukrainians have returned to their country since the start of the war.

Bombs on Mykolaivka

Russian forces bombard a village MykolaivkaNear the city of strategy Slovianskin the eastern region of Donbass. Sergey LeshchenkoA Ukrainian government advisor and volunteer said artillery shells hit the settlement 24 hours a day and posted a video showing a Russian missile landing near the middle of deserted streets. Reports on guardian. Donetsk military governor Pavlo Kirilenko added that the bombings were carried out today on “the entire line of contact”, including Sloviansk, Bkhmet And the AvdiivkaWhere 3,500 civilians remained. Across the region, 340,000 people stayed home, up from a total of 1.67 million before the invasion.

Orban: “We will respect the joint EU decision on Kirill”

About sanctions against the Russian patriarch Kirill “It is clear that Hungary will respect the common decision of the European Union.” This is the position of the Prime Minister Victor UrbanAccording to its spokesperson, Zoltan Kovac On his Twitter profile. At the same time Orban emphasized that Budapest’s position on European sanctions against the Russian patriarch “has been known for some time” and was not opposed by anyone at the Brussels summit. In a note issued by the Hungarian government, the prime minister recalls how the question of possible sanctions against Kirill was raised several times in Koreber in the weeks The last Extraordinary Summit “No one spoke out against the already known Hungarian position”, reads the memorandum which concluded that “Hungary, of course, will honor the agreement reached between the Heads of State and Government of the European Union in the European Council, since these decisions are binding on all” .

The Kremlin: “Russia does not close the window on the European Union”

Russia does not intendclose the window“Towards Europe,” a Kremlin spokesman said Dmitriy PeskovWho insisted: “We have no intention of shutting anything down.” reports that BBC.

A new “liquidation prison” was opened in Mariupol

The Russian occupation forces opened a new areafilter prison‘close’ Mariupol Twenty Ukrainian volunteers who helped the administration evacuate civilians were also arrested. Petro Andryushenko, advisor to the mayor, reported that the new Russian prison was a penal colony in Volnovaka, Donetsk Oblast. Reports on Kyiv Independent.

Habek: Putin cannot withstand sanctions for long

“Time is not right for Russia, but against Russia,” the German Economy Minister said about the sanctions. Robert Habeck, as reported by Tajischau. Habek added that Putin “cannot continue like this for much longer” because his country’s economy is collapsing dramatically and no one wants to invest in Russia anymore. Moreover, Moscow could no longer buy anything from oil or gas revenues. Habeck then stated that it was “shameful” that Germany still had to buy energy from Russia, but he also praised the efforts of the German economy and population for the contribution they are already making to sanctions.

Ukraine’s central bank raises interest rates to 25%

there Central Bank of Ukraine (Nbu) has raised the cost of borrowing since then 10 to 25% In its first intervention 4 months later, that is, since the Russian attack on February 24. This came in a note published on the institution’s website that led to a doubling of the interest rate on loans to banks starting tomorrow, to reach its highest level since 2015. The stimulus measures increased to $3.4 billion (3, 18 billion euros) in favor of the economy last April, For an average monthly purchase of securities equivalent to $2 billion (1.87 billion euros).

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Zelensky: “Donbass is destroyed, but the Russians keep killing”

The Russian army has already destroyed almost everyone Donbass Ukrainian and ready to continue killing.” The chief said that Volodymyr Zelensky In a video address to the Luxembourg Parliament. “Donbass was one of the most powerful industrial centers in Europe: it was simply destroyed. Let’s look at Mariupol: there were half a million people and now we don’t know exactly how many citizens were killed by the occupiers. At least tens of thousands in less than 100 days,” the president said. Stressing that Ukrainians want to remain independent.

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