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Italy & Canada, the two best systems are now twins

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The objectives of this long-term process are logically many – Dell’Edera adds -, In the first place there is an educational focus Comparison with foreign colleagues Both to players who can start at any moment under the mental, tactical, technical, physical aspect they are on their path; And for its authors, we thank them for their participation and consistent dedication”.

Sharing and more: “From appointments like this – Dell’Edera continues – You can check the status of your students. Then, after a friendly match, we made sure that our players would team up with a Canadian partner and teammate in the doubles draw of the Tennis Europe event. The comparison is strengthened Even in purely ‘performance’ situations, why not, to ensure the development of deep linguistic knowledge from an early age. On the other hand, the universal language of our game today is English”.

Always a good initiative, important and creative Future heroes of Italian tennis, Includes major efforts: “Some kind of event like the one we are talking about here cannot be organized without the support of the clubs – Underlines ISF Director -, In this regard, we are very grateful to the new country Tennis Academy of Barry for making practically every part of its structure available to meet the various requirements of the case.”.

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