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Wednesday, March 16 results – OA Sport

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A night full of goals and emotions. The Wednesday 16 March that went into the archives of the Italian roller hockey movement was very exciting between Serie A and the Coppa Italia. Let’s see how it goes in detail.

A1 . series
In a 21st day postponement, Follonica won 1-3 at Vercelli Stadium. The victory in the return of the Tuscany team who, after losing 1-0, were able to find a way to respond thanks to Francesco and David Panini, the last author of the duo.

Italian Cup
In the third quarter-final of the tournament, Forte dei Marmi ousted Bassano 6-0 to separate the pass into the Final Four, where Lodi and Sarzana are already. Russoblo was literally unleashed and pulled by Pedro Gil and Joal, the authors of Hattrick and Prop respectively.
Now, Fortemarmini is waiting for the winner of the confrontation between Follonica and Grosseto: one of them will get the last card of the Final Four.

General classification –

a team points Matches are played goal difference The last 3 races
1 GSH Tricino 55 21 69 VVS
2 Wasken Lodi amateurs 47 21 48 VVV
3 Galileo Volonica H. 1952 44 21 42 VVV
4 GDS Impianti Versilia H. Forte 43 21 35 VSV
5 Ubroker Bassano H.1954 38 21 14 VSS
6 Why HC Valdagno sport 33 21 5 VVV
7 The creation of the H. Sarzana collection 32 21 15th VSV
8 Edelfox CB Grosseto 1951 30 21 -3 SVS
9 Impurity e. Vercelli 29 21 0 Sun and Sand Sports
10 Thierry Shemica Montebello HP 26 21 -18 SVV
11 Telea Medical Sandrigo H. 20 21 -23 SVV
12 Team Service Car HRC Monza 15th 21 -26 VSS
13 BDL Correggio H. 11 21 -51 VSS
14 HP Matera * -15th 21 -106 Sun and Sand Sports
* = penalty -15 points
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Photo: FISR / Franco Gasparini

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