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Shortcut, Ice Musketeers! Italy Bronze in Olympic Relay, Canada Gold – OA Sport

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Very heavy bronze. Men’s short track relay Has arrived Third in final A at the Beijing Winter Olympics (China). On the ice rink Capital Indoor StadiumConsidering the qualities of the existing enemies, Assyria was able to attack the most valuable platform. Notable comment from missing a medal in this special category for 20 years, commemorating Friday at the 2002 Salt Lake City (United States) Games.

A tactical match, with the Koreans standing in front of the ball. Before unleashing the fight for the stage, our standard bearers occupied the last square. The struggle that China paid for the fall of a sectarian.

Canada was able to gain the lead in the uprising stagesManaging everything in an official way, at the same time There was an ancient battle for bronze between Italy and Russia.

Short track, Beijing 2022: Arianna Fontana in the final A in the 1500m! Macito P. in the final

Again Pietro Siegel was the team player Because, with a remarkable sprint on the last lap, the boy from Paselka de Pine put the skate in front of the Russian (6: 43.431). Sperm Elistradov (6: 43.440). And so on Siegel, Yuri Confordola, Tomaso Totti and Andrea Casinelli were able to celebrate. Gold, therefore, al Canada (6: 41.257) Before South Korea (6: 41.679) and to Italy.

Photo: LaPresse

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