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Many critics are re-evaluating the game after the last big update –

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Baldo: The Guardian Album It has not been well received, especially at the international level, but lately it has been received a lot reevaluationEspecially after the last period maxi update Which brought about a lot of changes.

Let’s talk about one free patch This shows how much the NAPS development team listened to criticism and worked to bring the game closer to what players expected without letting it lose its character.

So far one has been added new adventure For several hours, the world map has been fixed, now it is clearer, the combat system has been updated, new puzzles have been added and some old ones have been revised, new dungeons have been introduced, dungeon map, etc. – summoned auxiliary mode has been added, some missions have been revised for eliminating dead moments and more.

The changes are so many and profound that the YouTube channel SwitchUp, for example, which crushed the original version of the game with a certain ferocity, posted a clip New video reviewCall “Baldo’s Resurrection on Nintendo Switch‘, where the ruling was completely changed and all the news was included in it.

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