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Why do we love coffee? science answers

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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks, not only for us but all over the world, but have we ever wondered why we love coffee so much? Science has found an answer to this question.

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The coffee Many people love him and this is a fact. But what is the reason? On the other hand, its taste is not quite sweet, which is why those who refuse bitter taste should keep a safe distance from this drink.

However, this appears not to be the case. we see WhyAccording to science, this drink is quite a lot Appreciated And what makes us drink it?

Science finally answers the eternal question: Why do we love coffee?

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The question of why we love coffee is a legitimate curiosity, but making it aware of what bitter taste represents in the course of human evolution is a must. This is because perhaps not everyone knows that just in the course of evolution, both monkeys and humans have undergone genetic variation that led them to distinguish flavors. better from others in order to protect themselves from any poisonous plants.

So the bitter taste was not initially considered and later became part of the defense mechanism. So what happened and how did we come to appreciate the intense flavor that characterizes some foods and drinks like coffee? One study Conducted in the United States, the aim was to investigate the relationship that exists between bitter taste preference and genetics. To come up with an answer, the researchers involved 400,000 people trying to determine the response of these individuals to sensitivity to bitter taste, as well as to other beverages besides coffee. To reach a conclusion, the researchers also conducted genetic research, to identify DNA variants that predispose to sensitivity to bitter taste.

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Putting together the amounts of coffee and tea consumed and genetic variants, they came to a surprising conclusion. It is clear that people who are more prone to bitter taste are also the most Tends to drink these drinks. This research made it possible to identify the biological underpinnings that determine each one of us’s tastes, even if the reason we prefer one taste over the other remains unknown.

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