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The return of Casanova to Salvatores with Cervillo and Bentivoglio

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Again after two years in theaters – it was the last title comedians – Gabriel Salvatores with Casanova’s return. In some ways the homage to Fellini is immediate, but the film goes further, skillfully constructed in a passage from color to black and white, as in the life of a director one moves from novel, often turned into cinema, to life. .

In the most recent directorial effort by Gabriel Salvatores The main character, despite the title, is not CazanovaBut “Mr.” Leo Bernardi. to lick his face Tony Cervelo, which offers another perfect explanation – of a well-known director struggling against the downward phase of his professional ideal. It is a pity that the movie that will be made about the womanizer does not understand him anymore, because love suddenly broke into real life. But even now it is no longer the Casanova of the past, but rather the person who portrays it Arthur Schnitzler: a sixty-year-old conquistador who is nostalgic for the past of the glorious conquests, of Venice. But we shall see – brilliantly interpreted – by Fabrizio Bentivoglio How he has not lost his malice and his seductive power.

With permission from the press office 01 Distribution – Al Rai Cinema

Casanova’s return: Salvatores signs a film about cinema

with Double dream Arthur Schnitzler had seduced Kubrick. Now it is up to Salvatores to charm him Cazanova: which in the entire moviealternate personality by Bernardi, and possibly by the director himself (who appears in the film in a a barrier Like the paparazzi, in full motion for Fellini’s “Dolce Vita”, ed.). the film A tale within a tale of the protagonist’s wanderings and tales doppelgangers who do not see themselves as they are. On the one hand, the director who escapes from the responsibilities of parenthood, and on the other hand the character of Casanova, who seems to have given up seduction and the power exercised over women for the desire to return home.

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From left: Gabriel Salvatores, portrayed by Claudio Ianone. Pepe Cervillo on still (Courtesy Press Office 01 Distribution – Rai Cinema)

there Modern life in black and whiteelusive, high-tech, atomic and frustrated. in contrast Decadent Casanova is still colorfulin lavish costumes with wonderful scenes shot in them Welcome To Venice! In this film, Salvatores returns to direct the same actor: and the thought is transmitted to Terni It was only in 1990 that the meta-discourse on stage—by Chekhov—is mentioned in a line from that movie. This time, cinema is about cinema and life. Some of the characters we play and sometimes we don’t. Maybe because life is also a movie, a bit of a cloak.

Casanova’s return: casts and trailers

In addition to Servillo and Bentivoglio, the cast sees him perfectly positioned in a dramatic role as well Natalino Palasotogether with Alessandro PesentiniAnd Anthony Catania And Bianca Panconi. The latter has the task of interpreting the one who awakens the worst in Casanova in Dore Marcolina. It rejuvenates hunger for InvadeDespite his advancing age, his desire to deceive in order to possess her does not seem to have changed. Rather, it will lead him to no reservation at all The final duel.

Casanova’s return Produced by Salvatores, produced by Indiana Productions Rai Cinemaand Ba.Be Productions and Edi Effetto Digitali Italiani in association with 3Marys Entertainment with contributions from Veneto region Based on Veneto Film Commission. After today’s preview at Bif & st in Bari, The movie will be in theaters from March 30distributed by 01 Distribution.

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