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Man is like a turtle, science is searching for eternal youth

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Other than rejuvenating creams, by studying the metabolism and evolution of different species of turtles and other animals, scientists have discovered biological mechanisms that slow down or eliminate aging altogether. And with the data collected, they are developing a theory that, if proven, could unlock the secrets of these creatures’ longevity and pave the way for application to humans. The research, published June 23 in the journal Science, examined signs of a gradual deterioration in the physical and functional characteristics of land and captive aquatic turtles, including both domestic and land animals including amphibians, snakes, crocodiles and crocodiles.

The international working group was formed by staff from the University of Southern Denmark in Copenhagen, led by Professor Fernando Colchero and biologist Rita Sa Silva, and with the help of researcher Anne Bronikowski from Michigan State University (USA), found that the model of cold-blooded aging does not resemble the organisms Absolutely those observed in humans or other animals. Of the 52 species analyzed in the study, scientists reported that three-quarters showed very slow aging, while 80 percent appeared to experience slower aging than humans. Also, some genetic variants have the potential to reduce the rate of aging in response to the improved living conditions encountered in zoos and aquariums compared to the wild, due to fewer predators. In biology, some theories predict that aging begins after sexual maturity as a compromise between the energy an organism invests in repairing damage to its cells and tissues, and that it invests in reproduction, with its genes passed on to subsequent generations.

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Because of this trade-off, the researchers said, after reaching sexual maturity, individuals inevitably stop growing and begin to experience aging, a prediction that has been confirmed for many species particularly mammals and birds. Instead, turtles and other organisms have the property of continuing to grow even after sexual maturity; So they may have the ability to invest energy in repairing cell damage by reducing, and even avoiding, the harmful effects of time. However, researchers are convinced that these creatures would not be able to evolve towards immortality anyway.

Although humans have experienced an unprecedented increase in their longevity over the past century, improving living conditions does not alter the rate at which we age, and the same is happening in other primates. How abstinence does not statistically increase human longevity. Research is still only at the beginning, but the topic has proven to be very exciting and soon we will be able to see miraculous creams with “DNA turtle DNA” on the market, after all this animal, for example in Chinese medicine, represents the preservation of winter and the life force of water.

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