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Cocoon, will the cast benefit from cocoons? Here are their answers!

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How many times have we found ourselves in front of a movie asking ourselves the fateful question, “What would I do instead of the film’s protagonists?” Cocoon – the energy of the universe It is certainly one of these: in short, shall we really be able to not worry about the survival of another living being in order to take advantage of the fountain of eternal youth?

The film is directed by Ron Howard (by the way, here you can find Our review of thirty livesthe latest effort by the former Happy Days star) poses an interesting moral question, which the heroes themselves are called upon to answer, obviously, first and foremost. What will they doSo Wilford Brimley and his cohorts faced a similar situation to the one their characters find themselves in?

According to Howard’s words, the matter was discussed a lot within the cast at the time of filming: according to the director, the most extreme situations were those of Maureen Stapletonwho said that she was strongly against the idea, as well as Don Ameche, who on the contrary would have admitted that he did not hesitate to jump into the famous swimming pool to regain the vitality of his youth.

And you, what do you think? How many of you would benefit from the energy the celebrity contains Alien horns? Share your opinion in the comments and, of course, hit the jackpot if you’ve ever come across a similar situation – someone here might want to take a look!

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