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Calcio, Renate and Vis Nova Giusano: “The movement must be strengthened”

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Calcio, Renate and Vis Nova Giusano: “The movement must be strengthened”

Renate’s patron and Vis Nova Giussano technical director comment on the remarks of President Davide Erba who offered to sell the newly promoted Seregno at Serie C.

Two reactions to President Davide Irba’s announcement that newly promoted Sirigno has been put up for sale in Serie A. The sponsor Rinat, who plays in the same category, and the technical director of Vis Nova Giusano spoke. Different viewpoints, similar conclusions: The entire movement must be evaluated.

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“For thirty years, I have served as President of the Republic Renate – That’s how first coach Luigi Sprefico, 67, began – and I do it because I love football. It’s a hobby of mine. I have a football team in my city and I try to manage and equip it as best as possible to make it look good nationally, so I cultivate my passion. It is no secret that holding the office of president means pumping sums of money into society. Of course there are fewer and fewer generous bosses, but there are more pools of people with a passion for football. Football problems? They have always been there.” Then he specifies: «This does not mean that we deviate. The problem is complex, the Italian system must first be changed. No one wants to give up anything, so everything remains as it is.”

“To survive in the world of football – he adds – the top-flight football teams don’t give up anything because they are fine with the way things are going and they stipulate those of the junior division. To pay the consequences are the lower leagues, like C where Renate plays. Series It trains managers and referees to be suggested over time at the higher levels. But it all stops there, while more will be needed. In England for example, the C Series is a real tank to be strengthened and assisted, not here.”

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As for the assurances of the president of Serigno Irba: “He is right, but even young referees make mistakes and are forming in the third division, but we must not always look at everything as negative. Sometimes the decisions that can affect the match can be opposing and other times in favour.”

Marco Barolo, Technical Director Vis Nova Gusano

Marco Barolo, Technical Director Vis Nova Gusano

(Photo by Paolo Voluntrio)

“I know very little about the problems of the Pro League,” says Marco Barolo, 49, coach of the Pro League Face Nova Giusano – Because I take care of something else. Personally, I think Lega Pro is not destined to go away, but rather to improve. Instead, I agree with Chairman Arba that companies are facing difficulties, especially smaller companies and especially after a long period of closure due to Covid 19, which created many problems for our clubs, as we had to play games behind closed doors. . , keeping all structures closed, such as bars inside sports facilities, but also stopping the youth sector, which is fundamental to a partnership like Vis Nova. In similar cases, it is true that entrepreneurs run away and help sports clubs less and less with investments, especially small or amateur ».

Marco Barolo poses another important question on the board: “The competitive level that is practiced on the playing rectangles is declining more and more because less investment in preparation, in training youngsters who want to play football and one looks much more. For immediate results. And let’s face The thing is, the quality of the players has gone down a lot, they have little desire to make sacrifices in this world where everything is easier.”

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Barolo also agrees that the football system needs to be reformed: “Every year it becomes more difficult to play football because of the higher costs, but also a little bit because people are resentful of following their city teams because they are distracted by something. Other than that, and so it is recorded, almost annually, that Many companies are founded or even disappear from the competitive scene at least at the amateur level.The football world seems to shine the spotlight only on the Italian Serie A, while the world is almost ignored or not considered the largest at the base of the pyramid.The movement is certainly larger and more unified, But it has been left on the sidelines which will instead need more attention to survive and thrive.”

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