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Sixth opens in Canada and expands its presence in North America

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The river continues to grow and expand, A leading company in premium car rentalThese days it opens its own First branches in CanadaThis strengthened its presence in North America. Cities in the early Sixth Vancouver and Toronto, is highly appreciated by international tourists and business travelers respectively from neighboring USA. Delivering to six Canadian customers Mercedes and BMW vehicles.

Sixt opens its first branches in Canada

vision Sixth opened in the United States in 2011 Currently has more than 100 branches and 1,200 employees in 23 states. Since then the company has continued to grow, doubling its market share last year with a turnover of around 600 million euros. Currently considered, In the US, it is the fourth largest car rental company in the market. SIXT’s goal for Canada is to achieve that 3%-5% of local market by FY2026, equivalent to a total potential of approximately 1.4 billion euros. The market of the two Canadian cities alone reaches 400 million euros.

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Sixt opens first branches in Canada: Nico Gabriel, COO of Sixt SESixt opens first branches in Canada: Nico Gabriel, COO of Sixt SE

DeclarationsCanada is part of our internationalization strategy A logical continuation of SIXT’s development plan“, he announced Nico Gabriel, COO of Sixth SE. “After the success achieved by launching the multinational in Australia at the end of 2021, we Exploiting solidarity with America Significantly expanding our presence in North America”.

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