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Dracula awakens on a Transylvanian-flagged cargo ship. review

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when announced, Demeter – Waking Dracula (The last flight of Demeter original title) with the question: is it possible to bring it back to the big screen A horror and thriller that you already know all about, and still do it effectively? A legitimate skepticism, especially in an era when discontent with remakes, reboots, and the like is a constant part of the cinematic conversation. the Director Andre OveredalHowever, we have mentioned that Where matter cannot, form takes care of it.

Demeter is another adaptation of the book Dracula by Bram Stoker, one of the main texts of horror literature closely linked to the history of cinema. It is the quintessential creature, the protagonist of the Infinite monster movie: the Nosferatu Murnau 1922 and its signed nature Werner Herzogthe Dracula by Todd Browning From 1931 with Beautiful Lugosiand then the Hammer film series with Christopher Lee Like a vampire and much more. Everyone in the world knows who the Prince of Darkness is, what is his history, strengths and weaknesses.

Even in recent years it has been said many times: Chris McKay The comic explored the relationship between Dracula and his famous butler, V Renfieldwhile Mark Gatiss And Stephen Moffat In 2020, they’ve adapted the entire novel by Bram Stoker into three episodes, including a new movie-focused sequel for Øvredal, the Norwegian director has already penned horror films and creatures of alternating fortunes like Scary stories to tell in the dark And anglers. Demeter It extends to 16 pages of the seventh chapter in which it is said Dracula’s journey from Romania to London: a small part, but interesting in many ways.

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In fact, The Last Voyage of Demeter presents an interesting mix of genres: the Dracula-related horror aspect and bloodshed naturally predominate, but the silent ship’s crew hunt also shares some aspects. Secret locked roomI Mysteries of the locked room from the inside famous by Novels of Agatha Christie. The first part, that is, when strange things begin to happen aboard the Demeter, is actually devoted to investigations and suspicions about the crew itself, before the truth turns out to be much more frightening.

However, the problem is simple: knowing from the start that Dracula is hiding on the ship and what will be the fate of the crew (also foreseen by a quick prologue), the audience has to be put into A position of superiority regarding the narrative point of view within a story. Already knowing all sides of the story, the thriller mechanics inevitably fail, and sometimes a precise suspension of disbelief is required to creak a few times (how long does it take to check the boxes on a hold?). Unable to work much on content (other than adding new characters and playing with their relationships), Øvredal has gone wild with form and it’s in this aspect that the film plays its best card.

Demeter – Waking Dracula indeed it is Very strong and accurate horror in direction and photographymaking the ship’s claustrophobic small spaces and dim night lights the visual key to keeping the viewer glued to a story they already know, surprising them not only because of the jump scare and build-up tension, but also The dramatic depth he reaches in certain sequences. For example, the entire narrative line dedicated to Captain Elliot (Liam CunninghamSir Davos NE game of thrones) and for his young nephew, as well as very serious indications David Dastmalchian Like Wojchek’s boat. It also carries the mechanism behind monster moviethe Mutual recognition of man and beast: to proceed in this case is the character of Dr. Clemens (Corey Hawkins), a black doctor trying to understand a world that keeps rejecting him.

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Exactly is Its the existential clash between the Doctor and the Prince of Darkness that contains the best ideas to Demeter – Waking Dracula, also enhanced by the same creature design that recalls Murnau’s Nosferatu. We are far from convincing what the gentleman played Claes Pang In the Netflix seriesHere, the choice was to bet hard Dracula the brutal animal And for this they realized more evil. a Alien vampire On board a ship flying the Transylvanian flagI’m just saying. Demeter It’s closer to Hammer classics than to that of Universal, a formula that protects the inevitable narrative effects and not exactly the higher-level special effects.

Øvredal’s attempt may not add anything new to the motion picture category, but it’s a great reminder of how remakes, reboots, etc. can still go wrong. They find their subtle value and artistic interest. Well-known stories told in different voices and through different formats. And always in the middle: the immortal creature that fascinated and continues to fascinate the Seventh Art.

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