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A participatory party open to the city, “Vistaza”, as the Palermitans say, is one of those that are impossible to forget. The event that saw the artistic direction of the Lista representative on the Averna Spazio Open stage is called Malafesta. On April 20, for the second year of the urban renewal project in partnership with the Municipality of Palermo, the space inside the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa opened last year, beginning an eventful season.

The event prepared by the Campari Group and designed by Veronica Lucchesi and Dario Mangiaracina, in collaboration with Affari Pubblici, an agency specializing in urban renewal projects with a strong social impact, with Community Center Cre.Zi. In addition to the curatorial work of the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa Ets association, music, art, entertainment and emotions were brought to the big stage by the Averna Spazio Open. An evening of fun with hundreds of people participating.


DJ sets by Inghilleri and Carmelo Drago and live music by Ntntn opened and closed the party. However, the beating heart of Malavista was the “double drums” by Daniel Plentz and Julie Ant, two world-famous musicians who share the same drum on the Averna Spazio Open Stage, to open the party for the dance. With Pixel Shapes, a video mapping company, the music show was also accompanied by a setting that surprised and conquered everyone. The Instagram selfie kit (with neon sign illuminated by Malafesta) was also designed and developed by Experimental Lab Prop Design and Social Events Design – Abapa under the direction of Agnese Giglia and in collaboration with Manuela of Pisa.

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After conquering the pages of newspapers with a lullaby dedicated to all the mothers of the world, Sicilian musician Serena Ganci brings an all-female choir to the stage for a participatory project dedicated to the feminine, mundane, and emotional world. “We wrote this choir with Serena – as Dario Mangiaracina and Veronica Lucchesi – to sing the mood of the party. We wanted to tell about Sicily and Palermo, a place of transit, a Creole city. Then our voice was joined by the voice of Carola (aka La Niña) and the song with Neapolitan became the voice of the south.” The choir, in a real performance, gave a performance that crossed the dance floor, releasing energy and infecting it.

Special guest of the event also Ditonellapiaga. “We liked the idea – say Mangiaracina and Lucchesi, artistic directors – that, as happens with the best parties, we could invite our closest friends. Palermo is a city to which we are particularly connected and we like to think expressed by the artists we respect and with whom we share research on the female. We hope that the event we have created will be another opportunity to see Palermo as a cultural, musical and artistic hub.”

“Averna Spazio Open – says Giuseppe Provenzano, President of the CCCZ – Comunità Cantieri Culturali Zisa – is a clear example of how public space can be the object of a high-level redevelopment, a collaboration between public bodies and cultural workers and sponsorship profiles that can serve as a model for many other spaces in the city.The important thing is to have a clear cultural identity and keep the level of proposal high by listening to the operators of the city.After the zero year that we consider the end of the summer that saw its opening last August, we are ready for the first real season, we welcome the production of several Initiatives so that it is more than a container a producer of contents, a physical and a mental space, a community space that was missing in Palermo.

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The former “Uncultivated Space”, abandoned for years, opened its doors last August thanks to Project Averna. It was redesigned into a garden square with aromatic plants and herbs, with a relaxation area that today is a stage for events and concerts, with tables and benches available for study and work, and it includes not only an amphitheater, but also an outdoor bar. Not even a year to turn into a meeting and social place for the neighborhood, but also an urban garden, for the realities working in the shipyards and for all the citizens.

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