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Canadian photojournalism event Zoom Festival in Quebec

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The free call to participate in the photojournalism festival will be open for a little while longer Zoom in Canada And organizers are already evaluating applications.

Zoom Canada ph. Francesca Magnani

We were on the shores of the Saguenay Fjord in Quebec in the most colorful foliage of early fall. The architecture and atmosphere of this place confuses European tourists: Swiss cabins stand next to American hotels, a view overlooking the Southern Fjord in the Northern Hemisphere, a few kilometers from a Scottish curling establishment, the regional snack of cheddar rennet. In restaurants with duck salads, foie gras, potage; The view from the alpine refuge is preceded by a half-hour stop at a cafe with trained baristas à la Bushwick.

Zoom Canada ph. Francesca Magnani

All from French mother – Dolan was shot in those locations. As the story goes, we were in an unarmed situation: Mrs. Anne wanted to make us a galette with raspberry jam picked from the brambles in her garden, and Nathalie, the temporary taxi driver, invited us to meet her animals. , teacher Helene wanted to show us the view from the living room of her house.

Zoom Canada ph. Francesca Magnani

The division and overlap continues around the city, which hosts an international event in October. In fact, in early October, the Photojournalism Festival takes place in Chicoutimi, one of the four municipalities that merged to form the Saguenay Region in 2002. Zoom in, the brainchild of photographer Michel Tremblay, who wanted to recreate at home the climate of complicity and exchange that he breathed in events like Perpignan and Arles in France 14 years ago. Exhibition halls for a month are the country’s summer and winter attractions, first and foremost BalberryIn the late 19th century a factory was restored with the intervention of the archeology department.

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Zoom Canada ph. Francesca Magnani

In 1896 Mayor Joseph-Dominique Quay founded the “Compagnie de Pulpe de Chicotimi”, the first company run by French Canadians, who processed paper pulp and built a mill on the river. The immense forest wealth of the hills fueled the growth of the company, which soon became the world’s top international exporter of pulp. Chicoutimi became the capital of the world, supplying England with flour during World War I.

Zoom Canada ph. Francesca Magnani

The company declined after the war in the 1920s and closed in 1930. The building, heavily damaged by the 1996 flood, remains roofless like San Calcano in the deep north and is located in the center of the park, where various traces still remain. Stages of processing records. These walls display the works of the so-called “Tremblay”.Boreal photographersArtists or documentaries in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton. among them Ian Wilms, Amber Bracken, Chloe Ellingson, Martin Tremblay, Renaud Philippe, Nam Phi Tang.

Zoom Canada ph. Francesca Magnani

Other daily route of the city frequented by people for recreation and relaxation Saint Anne’s Pedestrian Bridge, “le pont vert”. Here, too, exhibits are installed where people watch while driving or pushing a stroller or walking a dog. As we went, rainproof frames held our series, with the pink Williamsburg Bridge as the subject. A bridge upon bridge, exaggerated spaces and colors speak of gentrification and urbanization.

Zoom Canada ph. Francesca Magnani

Tremblay says:<ஜூம் என்பது ஒரு திருவிழாவை விட அதிகம். இது ஒரு பெரிய அளவிலான நடவடிக்கையாகும், இது உலகத்தை துல்லியமாக சித்தரிப்பதற்கு புகைப்பட ஜர்னலிசம் எவ்வளவு அவசியம் என்பதைக் காட்டுகிறது. படங்களின் பலம், காலநிலை மாற்றம், புவிசார் அரசியல், சமூக மற்றும் சுற்றுச்சூழல் பிரச்சினைகள், அத்துடன் பழங்குடியின மக்கள், நாடுகளின் இடம்பெயர்வு மற்றும் மனித உரிமைகள் போன்ற பிரச்சினைகளைப் பிரதிபலிக்க நம்மை வழிநடத்துகிறது. இந்த கதைசொல்லிகள் நம்மை உண்மைகளுடன் எதிர்கொள்கிறார்கள், அவர்கள் நமது எல்லைகளை விரிவுபடுத்தவும், எங்கள் முன்முடிவுகளை மறுபரிசீலனை செய்யவும் கட்டாயப்படுத்துகிறார்கள்>>.

Zoom Canada ph. Francesca Magnani

Where to sleep:
Motel Parasol

Where to eat:
A view of Cape Au Leste

What to see in the city:
La Bulberi
St. Anne’s Green Bridge
Deluge Museum

Zoom Photo Festival
6 to 31 October 2023

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