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Focus on franchises like Superman – The White Space

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Speaking at the conference about the economic results of Discover Warner Bros.CEO of Pioneer, David Zaslavhighlighted the company’s future in cinema, stating that Warner would return to focus on successful franchises, such as those of Superman.

We’ll really focus on the perks. We don’t have a movie from Superman For 13 years – Zaslav emphasized. And we don’t have a movie Harry Potter for 15 years. DC and . movies Harry Potter They gave a lot of profit to Warner Bros. Over the past 25 years.

The CEO also explained how the previous administration’s strategy with regard to live broadcasts and simultaneous theatrical releases failed, and how the president intends to embark on a new path to precisely improve movie franchises.

We’ve learned what doesn’t work. And that doesn’t work for us based on everything we’ve seen: live streaming of movies. That means spending a billion dollars or turning a movie window into a streaming service. The movies we shoot in theaters are much better, and shooting a two-hour, 40-minute film straight did nothing to do that. HBO Max In terms of viewers, loyalty or love of service.

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