April 23, 2024

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Secret documents stolen from the United States, the Russian intelligence war and the Chinese secret weapons plan – Corriere.it

Secret documents stolen from the United States, the Russian intelligence war and the Chinese secret weapons plan – Corriere.it

It starts in Ukraine. According to the US intelligence assessment contained in the documents, the war will continue until the entire year 2024. For another year and a half – as the file reads – “neither side will be able to win and both will refuse to sit at the negotiating table.” The New York TimesAdditional documents that were not part of the siege first appeared on social networks and then in the media last week, showing how US spy agencies have penetrated nearly every corner of the Russian military and intelligence services, as well as the structure of military commands. . In a 53-page report dated February 28, US intelligence alleged that the Russian service, the FSB, had “accused” Moscow’s Defense Ministry of “withholding the number of Russian casualties in Ukraine”.Who would have reached among the dead and wounded, “a number close to 110,000”.

In particular, the Russian Ministry of Defense will not count the killed in the ranks among the losses Wagner and Chechen militias. About the militia, according to the files put it in He would personally attempt, by convening a meeting on the 22nd of February, to resolve a dispute between Sergey Shoigu Wagner’s chief, Yevgeny Prigozhin, accused the defense minister of deliberately preventing his troops from accessing ammunition resources.

But not only. And the military will continue to be “reluctant to take bad news up the chain of command.” Thus, it was the internal conflicts between the various spy agencies and the military that prevented Russia from winning the conflict in Ukraine in these thirteen months. All information that, however, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov when he was interviewed CNN“unreliable”. With regard to the war in Ukraine, the American files also reveal a certain intolerance on the part of Washington towards the “too accommodative” attitude towards Russia by the UN Secretary General. Antonio Guterres, who is also being monitored by US intelligence, Especially in the months of discussion about the grain trade agreement, then signed between Russia and Ukraine with the mediation of Turkey and the United Nations.

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According to the files displayed from Politician Russian technicians would have found a way to “disrupt” the most advanced American weapons delivered to Ukraine, diverting JDAM guided bombs and even HIMARS missiles, the heroes of last summer’s battles. “Tricks” that created many problems in Kiev on the ground. Another topic that came up was the supply of arms to the Russians from BeijingIt is very likely that China will enter the war in the event of a “Ukrainian attack on Russian territory with weapons provided by NATO.” Another document talks about a Chinese hypersonic missile test conducted on February 25, the Chinese super-missile – DF-27 – that flew for 12 minutes to a distance of 2,100 km with a “high probability” of penetrating US anti-missile defense systems.

of the categorized files it displays Washington PostHowever, it is clear that China was going to agree to the “supply of lethal aid” to Russia in Ukraine, and intended to do so in secret, Disguising military equipment as civilian goods. according to mailThe information, apparently obtained from an interception conducted by the American services on the SVR, the Russian intelligence services, was included in a top secret summary, dated February 23rd.