December 5, 2023

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Six concepts. The three against the three of science. – Bergamo Senza

Six concepts.  The three against the three of science.  – Bergamo Senza

On Monday, September 26, a few days after the opening of the 20th edition of the festival dedicated to science and knowledge, scholars and promoters will begin to polish their pearls of knowledge by engaging in a spirited meeting to acknowledge the best of the two. Categories. “Six concepts. The Three Against Three of the Flag “Actually, more than one match is a real struggle between two teams.

Through arbitrary and spatial administration from Simone Ioveniti and Luca Perri, Scientific Coordinator of BergamoScienza, the six contestants will compete between quizzes, games and questions that will present the subjects and guests of the upcoming edition.

4 COSI, that is, members of the organizing committee for science and innovation, and two special guests to fight each other.
The first team, Team Publishers, will feature Marica Signorello, Danielle Bonazzi and Danielle Krimci. The research team instead consisted of Luca Palletti, Agnes Colino and Claudia Servalli.
The games that the teams will undergo will demonstrate the researchers’ synthesis and declarative clarity skills on the one hand, and on the other hand the researchers’ analytical and critical skills, showing how the two roles in science are part of the same thing. Currency.

For technical/tactical aspects, the event will not be broadcast during the broadcast.
Since the game will involve a wide participation of the audience, we invite you to introduce yourself in large numbers at Piazzale degli Alpini and watch the live broadcast.
The meeting, scheduled for 8.45 pm, in the presence of both, will take place in Piazza degli Albini in Bergamo.

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