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Spain, Scarillo: “A defeat threatens our first place in the table. We gave space to a lot of young players”

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At the end of Spain and Italy, Rai Sport’s teammates interviewed Iberian coach Sergio Scarillo.

These are his words:

“It was a friendly match with teams facing each other in an energetic way. It wasn’t a good match from a technical point of view, but from a competitive point of view with some break-up plays. We put a lot of players into a competitive rhythm that definitely won’t be there this summer. We were interested in keeping The first place in the world ranking obtained with great effort… This defeat puts him in jeopardy.
I hope the people at home enjoyed seeing these new players on the field.”

The process of growth of the Hispanic movement. “We have to start from afar. It’s a long process. I took over the technical direction in 2015 and all this didn’t happen in one year. The girls also had excellent results. On the men’s side, it’s a job that passes from the consolidation of ideas and coaches. Whoever starts this should realize The process is that there will be no immediate result and must not depend on the outcome of a single match.
We have won many titles with both the senior and under national teams. Our goal is for the youngsters to get used to playing at a high level.”

Manion Trial. “The other day he played very well. Today he was a little more tired. The final plays were made by him. Tomorrow he will rest, but from Tuesday he will be with us for training.”

Pictured is Sergio Scariolo, FIBA ​​photo

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