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“Cagliari is there now, Pereiro has shown he deserves the space”

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Diego LopezThe former Cagliari flag on the pitch and former Rossoble coach but also Brescia and Peñarol, spoke about his moment without the bench in front of Sport890’s broadcast microphones, “100% excludedThe coach, who remained in Sardinia after the end of his football career from 2011 to 2014, and divided himself between the youth sector and the first team, spoke about Cagliari and Gaston Pereiro’s moment. The data was reported by ESPN Uruguay.

About not returning to Brescia

I realized that maybe it wasn’t the best solution for the team or for me. I had a lot of faith in what my job was and I knew how much I could give, but we’re definitely going to have some problems, this wasn’t the time to come back. Did I not respect Brescia and Brescia? I haven’t had any problems with anyone. Because of the pandemic, I would leave home for training and come home when finished. This idea affected people a lot and the environment was not the best. I wanted to be a solution, not a problem for the club and I said that to the president who I have some confidence in. And so we came to an agreement to release me from the contractual bond that was in effect until June. Today I am not contracted“.

about the future

In June of last year, I had two training suggestions, but decided to have hip surgery because I had a hard time running and walking. I think I did really well because today I feel really good. Today I would like to work in Europe, although my family is in Uruguay, so I might as well stay close. Training in Uruguay? I want to have a team but I also have to look at my career. Fortunately, I have a choice: one tries to choose the best solution, and family is also important“.

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About the Uruguay national team

I’ve loved the team in the last few games: without taking credit from the new coaching staff, Uruguay has players of such quality that when they find themselves in difficult situations they know how to respond. There was a change of course, but I count more on the level of the players, who responded as they should and as they wanted even before. The Uruguayan player knows how to respond when he gets to extreme situations, especially when he has a lot of efficiency“.

in Cagliari

The tournament is interesting both at the top and at the bottom as Cagliari has recovered. They give Gaston Pereiro a chance and he responds and shows who he is and the qualities he has. He would have deserved more space“.


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