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Life, Death and Interview with Bebo Bodo

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A famous symbol of the world of red light, but not only. All projects of his work, his history and investigations into the disappearance.

Source: Ipa . Agency

  • Full name: Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi
  • date of Birth: 27/04/1961
  • place of birth: Genoa
  • date of death: 09/15/1994
  • place of death: leon
  • Zodiac sign: ox
  • Height: 1.78 m
  • profession: Actress, singer, presenter, politician, writer
  • Appearance date: 1980

Personal Biography

Moana Pozzi was a very popular former porn star in the 80’s.
She was born in Genoa on April 27, 1961, her father was a nuclear researcher and her mother a housewife. He had a younger sister who was also a porn star with the stage name Baby Pozzi. Because of his father’s work, he traveled a lot during his adolescence and then decided to leave home at the age of eighteen. She then settled in Rome where she began working as a model and in several films starting in 1980. The following year she participated in the Miss Italy contest, and in 1982 she made her first appearance in the program management. Tip Tap Club. In the same year it appeared talcum powderDirected by Carlo Verdone who mentioned that he chose her for her B side after meeting her by chance while searching for a suitable apartment to shoot the movie.

Meanwhile, he began appearing in porn films assuming various aliases; like one of Linda Heffert In his first red light movie. However, despite the use of the stage name, she was discovered and shunned by children’s broadcasts.
The story gained a certain notoriety that paved the way in 1987 for the first hard-hitting film to be adopted in the “First Division Arena” under its real name: Wonderful Moana Directed by Ricardo Chicchi. Her joining the Schicchi Agency and subsequent porn movies ensured her growing fame, fueled by the many TV hosts who showed Pozzi a marked cultural sensitivity not generally treated with the world of porn. It was basically Maurizio Costanzo Show To allow her to show off her intellectual level, helping to create her increasingly discussed and fascinating personality.

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In 1991 he published his first book Moana’s philosophyin which he recounted his episodic adventures with characters of high social and political standing, which led to an editorial issue.
Gained popularity is like being allowed to broadcast fashion Phoenix (1988), The Magical Program Magical David (1992) to become a cartoon. Moreover, in 1992, politics got into the middle of investigations clean hands And Tangentopoli. Here I applied with love party (Founded by Riccardo Chicchi and Mario Beutsi), it has also gained resonance abroad. The election campaign was mainly about sexual issues such as legalizing dating homes and improving sex education.

However, his political and cinematic career ended prematurely with the death of Pozzi at the age of only 33. Shortly before his death he gave an interesting interview with bebo buduappear in the program Everyone at home With a light red dress. The moment was also affected by the same conductor who announced it later Corriere della Sera: “I can’t forget her, she was so sexy […] I was amazed at the way, in the class he answered the questions. […] In the evening she boarded the plane back to Milan and was with all her tour friends. He pretended not to know me so as not to embarrass me with them. A woman of high class.”

Private life

there love life By Moana Pozzi It’s been talked about a lot and it’s hard to distinguish between true love and the one that is claimed or attributed to it. In 1990, she had an affair with Salento musician Giampaolo Covano, who described her as a generous and cynical woman dedicated to angry outbursts of jealousy. While from 1991 to 1994 she was married Antonio de Sisco.

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In general, Moana Pozzi has often found herself the protagonist of gossip columns due to the genre of film she chose and its many mysteries. but his too death What happened on September 15, 1994 of liver cancer was at the center of many theories that according to the former porn star he would never really die. Thus, in 2004, the Public Prosecution Office opened an investigation to investigate the matter. But the family even offered Death certificate To dispel any doubts. A few years later, ex-husband Antonio de Cisco announced that he had helped Moana Pozzi (now Final Station) die, and these statements were followed by a complaint from Riccardo Schicchi and an investigation with the prosecutor that ended in deadlock.

Finally, many years after his death, it came to light Simon Pozzi – who was thought to be his brother – is in fact the son of Moana herself, who gave birth to him at the age of 17 in 1979. However, there is no news of his biological father. Simone Pozzi himself taught the truth as an adult and told his story in 2006 in the book Moana, the whole truth.


  • 1981 – Miss Italy (Broadcast on Canale 5)
  • 1982 – Tip Tap Club (broadcast on Rete 2)
  • 1982 – talcum powder (directed by Carlo Verdoni)
  • 1987 – Wonderful Moana (Directed by Riccardo Chicchi)
  • 1988 – Phoenix (Broadcast on Italy 1)
  • 1991 – Moana’s philosophy (the book)
  • 1992 – Magical David (Broadcast on Italy 1)

How tall was Moana Pozzi?

Moana Pozzi was 178 cm tall.

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Did Moana Pozzi and Roberto Benigni have an affair?

No, Moana Pozzi and Roberto Benigni did not have an affair. They attended a party together in 1982; Here there was an attempt to get close by Pozzi and Antonella Angelucci, and at last the three slept together in the same bed.

Question Was Moana Pozzi a singer?

Moana Pozzi also sang, from 1986 to 1993 she recorded singles often associated with films or shows in which she participated.


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