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New Netflix movie release date Let’s Steal the Duchi

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Now on the third day of the seventeenth edition of Rome Film Festival To be previewed in the Sinopoli Ballroom of the Auditorium Parco della Musica Let’s steal the duchi. The film is directed by Renato Di Maria Baby movie. The release date of the feature film with Pietro Castellitto and Matilda De Angelis is next October 26, the day when it will be released live on the platform Netflix.

Let’s steal the duchi see throws the exception formed by young actors And the ancient warrior subordinate Cinema Italian. In addition to the supporters Pietro Castellito And the Matilda de Angelis We also find Tommaso Ragno, Isabella Ferrariand Alberto Astori with Makio KabatundaLuigi Videl, Coco Rebecca Edogami, Maurizio Lombardi, Lorenzo de Moore, Luca Lo Destro E Filippo Timi. The movie tells Date from U.S Impossible shot: to steal legendary Benito Mussolini’s treasure. We are, in fact, at the end of World War II when a gang of thieves, led by Isola (Petro Castellitto), decide to carry out a crazy plan, practically committing suicide. L ‘theft movie license plate neflix It consists of a mixture of real historical events and a little fiction. All this is accompanied by a lot of action and humor.

Summary Let’s steal the duchi

The film, produced and directed by Renato Di Maria, takes place in Milan during the… the last days subordinate World War IIspecifically inApril subordinate [1945[1945. The city, completely devastated, is still engulfed in complete chaos. Petro said Islandthe king of the black market and professional thief, with the aim of giving a turning point In the his life He is determined to make as much money as possible by selling contraband. His plan was also to protect the woman he loved, IphoneCharming nightclub singer. The latter, in fact, is forced to be the lover of a ruthless fascist hierarchical position, Achille Borsalino.

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Meanwhile, one appears great opportunity. In fact, amedeoa member of the Isola gang, decodes an encrypted message intercepted by Marcello, another gang member, explore Where is Mussolini hiding? for him rich treasure Waiting for the flight to Switzerland. Hence the crazy idea of ​​stealing the Duchi. Mission impossible because the booty is located in the Dark Zone, the most guarded place in Italy.

The director explains the selection of songs for the soundtrack: “A work on the era of cinema and contemporary

very element interesting That was from Cucumber By Renato Di Maria regarding Tracks that accompanied the comedy. In this regard, the director says: “Start with Piece From Massimo Ranieri He wanted to convey this message.Sit down, this is the movie we’re going to show you“”.

As for the 2 pieces singers from Matilda de Angelis During the film he goes on to say: “They were already thought of in the script. We worked about time It’s online contemporary take a piece of Katrina CaselliAnd the all Blackwhich in turn was one Coverage From Paint it black subordinate rolling stones. In my opinion, starting with Capria, the smoking place of Nazi and fascist spies, with Matilda, the film’s heroine, singing a Rolling Stones song was a great idea. Then there I love you Which, on the other hand, is a piece of CCCPA punk band from the late ’70s I had the pleasure of meeting, because I made their first video. It is a very beautiful piece of love that was chosen because it is also a love story.”. Then he reveals that both songs were live singers From De Angelis Which in addition to being an actress is also a very good singer.

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