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In Milan, the headquarters of Ersel Bank opened a space dedicated to art

In Milan, the headquarters of Ersel Bank opened a space dedicated to art

In Milan, on Via Caradosso 16, near the Last Supper of Santa Maria delle Grazie, the new headquarters was opened Ersel SpA, since 1936 among the main Italian private banking groups, born in Turin, has become a model for other wealth management entities, acquired from the former General Electric company of closed Adamello in the 1960s. The remarkable architectural project signed by the Alfonso Femia atelier modified the building from the inside, illuminating the structure with large windows and balconies; A luminous ark containing, in addition to the glass offices, an unusual inner garden, a space dedicated to Ersel’s cultural activities, opened yesterday with a refined exhibition, “Torino Milan, a spatial concept” (until 26 June), curated Chiara Massimilo. The exhibition presents the artistic dialogue between the two cities, in a visual story spanning four centuries and an essential dialogue between Turin, the first capital of Italy, and Milan, always accomplices and rivals, but nonetheless respectful of each other. An international attraction is also in the Culture Project.

At the entrance, the viewer is greeted, among other works, by masters of Arte Povera: invisible (1970-73) by Giovanni AnselmoAnd the space (1967-1985) by Giulio Paolini and do not forget Postal work in 9 parts (1974) by Alighiero Boetti. In the second room, he swallows the spectator’s attention to absolute elegance space concept (1968) by Lucio Fontanacompletely white and here, the interweaving of the works of authors of different eras gives rise to reflections on the meaning of time A chronology of art and the immortality of beauty. Among other works exhibited it attracts Portrait of Vittorio Amedeo I of Savoy at the age of eight (1595) from Giovanni KaracaThe piercing gaze and the sharp, bleak expression of anxiety Portrait of a man with gloves on hand (about 1610), from Antonio de Enrico TanzioHe said Tanzio da FaraloInstead, it indicates poor persuasion Apollo and hyacinth (1796) from Andrea Appiani.

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No boring menus, art must be seen from life, and in this context aesthetic pleasure is at home, so we recommend indulging in this new cool space, blazing with the vibrant and dynamic colors of Giacomo Balla, Nicolas Di Maria, Tania Piston and other works by Italian abstractions. In particular, it is a feast for the eyes Frame and engineering configuration (1937) by Luigi Veronese. For discerning modernists, there is also one Woman sitting inside (from Lo Studio), for the year 1955, from Phyllis Casoratidissolved in bluish colors and one looks like a dream Suburbs with a white horse (1921-1922) by Mario Cerrone. In this dazzling salon, a accrum (1958-59) by Piero ManzoniOne star (1976) by Gilberto Sorio Among the most Instagram photos Self-portrait as a file Greek Good (2018) by Francesco FizzoliHellenistic marble head from 2nd to 1st century BC, in gilded metal cage, H Gioconda (Souvenir), from 2009, from marble that looks like polystyrene, by Fabio Vitale.

This new headquarters represents an important step in the ambitious development plan of the Ersel Group, which has always supported the management of investment advisory, credit services, asset protection and corporate advisor services. The eclectic exhibition Artists Are Born, the project for the benefit of children and the Paideia Foundation, has also returned to the Milan office.And the Born in 1993, at the initiative of the Turin families, Giubergia and Argentero, designed by Elisabetta Oropallo: 27 pioneers of entertainment, music, film, television, theater and literature, created and generously donated one of their works on the theme of love, auctioned by Christie’s, one of the most prestigious auction houses In the world. On Tuesday, June 7, it will be auctioned off.

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He stated, “Paideia was created to support the development of children with disabilities and those who care for them, and to encourage the development of projects and initiatives dedicated to families facing difficulties, to contribute to a more inclusive and responsible society.” Fabrizio Serra, Secretary General of the Paideia Foundation. And art cuts distances in the exchange of knowledge experiences of yesterday and today.