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Twilight, the series arrives on TV: The news has all fans of the saga going crazy

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Twilight TV Show Arrival / Facebook Photos (Velvetcinema)

After Harry Potter, Twilight also became a TV series that drives all fans of the blockbuster that made generations dream crazy.

Good news for fans of the genre, the Twilight TV series will resume and resume novels Stephenie Meyer With a different structure clearly designed not for the movie but for the small screen and thus with a plot outline over time. Eleven years after the release of the sequel to the cinema comes an important novelty, which fans welcomed with great surprise. twilight It was a box office record, which led to stellar numbers for the five films, a figure of 3.3 billion worldwide.

Twilight, about the launch of the TV series

Everything is under development, so what was said is on the way Official Is that there will be a series but the details are not specified, so it is not known whether it will be an independent series developed by a movie company or will be produced by a streaming platform such as Netflix or Prime. there Lionsgate It will certainly follow its development and then sell the package with the best offers, in this sense, they can crowd. After all, it is a guaranteed success with such an active audience.

The Arrival of Twilight, TV series / Image from Facebook (Velvetcinema)

The executive producers, according to the first information that came out, are the same films, and this should give a kind of narrative continuity to the films but also to the films. Stephenie Meyer, The author of the books, maybe the screenwriter but everything is still to be decided.

How will the TV series develop?

The plot of the saga will always be the same, so the love between a vampire and a teenager, but they will never be the same. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. At this point, there’s a lot of clamor and anticipation for the performers after both of the film’s two protagonists are huge hits thanks to the film, so even the show’s interpreters could have international resonance.

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Twilight saga
Twilight becomes a TV series, delirious lovers / Facebook (Velvetcinema)

The story would be the same even if to different degrees and obviously more relevant to all the events around, just to let it be Develop a much longer narrative. There will definitely be an open war to get the rights, it ultimately means making a safe investment that will be followed around the world.

Choosing a title like Twilight that has sent an entire generation into a tailspin means capturing the attention of not only the very young who are now preparing to witness market news and therefore these launches as well, but also the attention of all those who despite being “off topic” and therefore live Adults, for moments of happiness, remember the adventures of those past years.

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