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A great movie to watch on Prime Video: a heartbreaking and profound story that won three Oscars.

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Discover the plot and cast of this moving film on Prime Video. An extraordinary, award-winning story that has won acclaim from audiences and critics.

It is not easy to assert one's identity in a world that wants to categorize everyone, and only those who fit perfectly into pre-defined boxes are considered acceptable. It is even more difficult to confront prejudices about one's sexuality when one is already a victim of those prejudices based on the color of one's skin.

Moonlight – Three stories from life It's much more than just a movie, we highly recommend you watch it Prime Video. It is an exceptional work of art that courageously and sensitively addresses global issues of racism, homophobia, self-construction, and acceptance.

Director and screenwriter, Barry JenkinsHe has created a wonderful little masterpiece that will remain forever imprinted in the memory of whoever sees it, leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary cinematic panorama.

He is gearing up to direct the huge Hollywood production of the prequel and live action of the film.”Mufasa: The Lion KingBut Jenkins has accustomed us to precise and poignant directions, and to sparingly chosen titles in an age where there is a real hunger for audio-visual products.

This movie is about him Prime Video It was well received by critics and audiences. About the complex Rotten tomatoes It received 98% positive professional reviews with an average rating of 9.00 out of 10 during its run. Metacritic It has a score of 99 out of 100 based on Google, and 80% of users liked this movie.

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To seal the immense appreciation for Moonlight – Three stories from life They have arrived too Three Oscars:L Best Supporting Actorl Best Unoriginal Screenplay for the best moviethe first to achieve this recognition with an all-African-American cast.

In the role of the protagonist, Chiron, we find Trevante Rhodes, who became an actor after an impressive career as a runner. It was just this movie Prime Video To begin his career in the world of entertainment, and so after Moonlight, we saw him in productions such as “12 soldiers“And in the TV series”Mike“.

Next to him we find the Oscar winner Mahershala AliWho with his performance in this film repeated the statuette in the same category that he had already won with “The right to count“.

In the same title, as well as of course in moon lightWe also find Janelle MonáeShe was born a singer but is now very successful as an actress.

They complete the cast Andre Holland (He is famous for his participation in two very successful series “”Nick” And “American horror story“, Season 6) e Naomi Harris (Known for her roles in epicsPirates of the CaribbeanAnd James Bond)

Let's find out the plot of this wonderful movie!

In three different chapters, we follow the life of Chiron, an African-American child living in a tough Miami neighborhood.

He is a constant victim of bullies, and his mother Paula is a drug addict and has a complicated relationship with the young man. So Chiron finds comfort and mentors Juan, a drug dealer who becomes a father figure to him. The man even teaches him how to swim, and from that moment on, the boy will love water because he considers it a place where worries dissolve like drops flying in the sea.

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As a teenager, he continues to be beaten almost every day by boys who understand Chiron's “weakness” even before he does: the young man is gay and cannot even admit it to himself. Having to deal with both racism and homophobia, Chiron chose to repress this aspect of his identity for a long time, and suffers greatly from it.

When Chiron reaches adulthood, he must deal with the past and choose whether to continue to hide his identity, or acknowledge it even before the eyes of the world.

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