November 29, 2023

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L’Aquila, Canada Multipurpose Center reopens

From the 9th of December, the “Canada” Multipurpose Center Will return to welcome students.

The reopening of the “Canada” Multifunctional Center – writes Alessandro McCarron, university student coordinator for central Italy for Lego Giovanni – is one of the key steps in bringing a whole generation of students back to normal for several months. I felt abandoned and unheard of by institutions regarding issues of youth policy. In fact, the student communities at L’Aquila are the study rooms, the gym and the multifunctional field inside the center, with the necessary safety protocols for dealing with an emergency. “

“Although the youth movement understands this important decision, we are proud to have sparked a complex administrative process: from December 9, students will return to resettle in Canada. Despite the criticisms, Municipality’s Urban Planning Councilor ‘Aquila Daniel Ferrella has been instrumental in guiding the decisive process of the process. It is now increasingly inhabited and functional space for the entire territory.

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