Athlete Kwatzo Klokpa from Tervio takes to the water for the first race on Wednesday morning at the Parananova World Championships in Halifax. “This is the most important meeting of the season – explains the athlete from Ganotieri Lecco – I am happy to be here. The goal is always to reach the top of the rankings.

In recent days I visited the racecourse at Banook Lake and despite the bad weather I had positive feelings. We’ll see how it goes on Wednesday, everything will be played out in seconds”.

Kwadzo Klokpah, already a multiple-time Italian special champion, participated in the Paralympics in Tokyo, taking third place in final B, resulting in eleventh place at the Olympic level.

“The Olympic experience was very pleasant – explains the blue athlete – and I expect a lot from these World Championships. My coaches, Canottieri Lecco, my nutritionist Lucia, my teammates from the national team and sponsors especially Dlounge, Vivai Fiordelmondo, Albaoptics, Vitaminstore and Gsclosure And of course I want to thank my family. I and supported “.