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Football, Feyernoord finds changing rooms in order

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Feyernoord changing rooms

The semi-final return match between Olympique de Marseille and Fernourd It ended with the victory of the latter. However, other than the goal already achieved, the great civilization that was able to show the team even off the field is speaking in the last few hours. In fact, their changing rooms were left completely clean. Pictures that spread on social networks became viral in a short time.

Feyernoord-Olympique Marseille: The Dutch team leaves the changing rooms clean

One French fan in particular praised a team Dutch by posting pictures and writing: “I’ve never seen such a clean dressing room the day after the match.” All of course with the sentiment that symbolizes applause. Other users’ rating is instant Who said they were surprised by the team’s behaviour: “It’s the same as on the streets of Dutch cities. You can eat on the floor,” another user retweeted.

The strange message of Feyernord

The phrases left on the board attracted attention above all: “My name is croissant” ; “I live in Rotterdam” followed by a score of 0-0. Finally, Feyernoord wrote in the official Twitter account: “Team Fairnord: Twelve Points”, The words accompanying the pictures were short but simple.

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