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July 4 – Training is not a science, it is an art. There are scientific contents but it is art

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Monday 4th July, today’s sentence
Training is not a science, it is an art. There are scientific contents but it is art. The key word is balance: between authority and understanding, for example. You will never find the right place, it is a constant search, you must be excited. You’re a bit like a comedian: when you open the stage you have to make people laugh, whatever happened to you before. You create feelings, not just thoughts: this needs training, because there is also emotional intelligence. If you’re a pessimist, being a coach is next to impossible. Optimism is required. This does not mean that if we do everything well we will definitely win: there is the other team as well. It is not enough to do things well, we must do them better than others.
Julio Velasco

Julio Velasco He was born in La Plata (Argentina) on February 9, 1952. He is an Italian-Argentine naturalized sports director, volleyball coach and technical director for the youth sector of the International Volleyball Federation.

He linked his fame to the role of a coach Italian In men’s volleyball, a position he held from 1989 to 1996: under his management, the Azzurri, even then on the fringes of world volleyball, during the 1990s established themselves among the strongest teams of all time, going in history as an epic phenomena generation.

Mattia Morocco

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