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Aircraft prices skyrocketed: here are all the increases

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Also comes the exorbitant prices for planes. To ring the alarm is codacon, which reports on recent data reviewed by Istat. The crisis is systematically affecting every sector, and this summer the Italians will also have to contend with significant increases in the aviation sector.

There is actually a generalized increase in rates Which affects most companies is due to the high prices of fuel and energy. In no uncertain terms, Codacons talk about the huge rise in ticket prices.

Understandable statement, given that if we go to see rates European flights In the last month, we can see increases of up to 91% compared to last year. To be precise, intercontinental flights recorded an increase of 35.7%, while domestic flights recorded an increase of 15.2%. In short, anyone who wants to travel this summer should forget about the low cost.

To give prices the biggest hit was the increase in cost kerosene, but not only. According to Leonard Burberry, who spoke Seven of the Corriere della SeraTariffs are also due to fewer deliveries and fewer offers while demand, on the other hand, has increased. According to some calculations made by Codacons on simulations, taking into account the period from June 10 to 12, going to Paris from Rome will cost about 355 euros, while Milan Malpensa – Lisbon will cost 364 euros. Round trip Rome – Milan about 128 euros.

However, it will not be the aircraft alone that will suffer the increases. It doesn’t get better when you go for analysis Shipping. Here, too, Codacons recorded significant increases in ship and ferry rates, which increased by 19.4% compared to 2021. On the other hand, the cost of train tickets decreased by 9.9%.

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