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Are you always late for an appointment? Science explains why

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The expert explains this behavior with severe retardation syndrome: “Sometimes it fits into real psychopathological pictures”

“Sorry, I’ll be there in 10 minutes. It’s time to leave the house.” This message is often sent over the phone and always from the same person. Therefore, if you have a date with her, you come late to the cinema, to a restaurant, to lunch. And she thinks you warned her…. Your friend or acquaintance is part of the clan.”Timing junkies“, chronic latecomers. This means that everyone who knows you well now will give you an appointment at least 40 minutes before you are scheduled for the actual appointment.

Word to the expert

Pathology or poor time management? we asked caterina bianconi, Psychologist and psychotherapist: “It depends. The delay sometimes fits in with the fact.” psychological images. Let’s think about turbulence Obsessive-compulsive disorder How long are those who suffer from it when they have to go out several times to check whether they have closed the windows, turned off the lights, or performed certain rituals.”

How do you get out

However, it is not necessarily the true pathology that leads to poor time management. Sometimes a certain fragility of the latecomer moves in this direction: lack of presence emphasisthe inability to say no to an obligation that we are not in a position to offer or decline an invitation to which, given our daily rhythms, would be very difficult to attend.” How to get out of it? “If there is a real disease, it must be acted upon with the combined assistance of the psychotherapist and psychiatrist, Which evaluates the opportunity to receive drug support. in one case fragility Leading to mismanagement of time, a psychotherapy journey can be invaluable to re-prioritizing oneself and making it imaginable to say no, if our putting first makes it necessary. By experience, we will discover that our passions cannot be sustained.

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Accurate when needed

While some are persistent and persistently late, others are punctual when the situation calls for it. “Latecomers know how to be punctual when it comes to managerial appointments that don’t involve an emotional bond.” Fortunately, the latecomer is not doomed to be late for life. He can come to terms with the clock if and when he wants to. Perhaps this will allow us to carry the message better.”I’m comingOf her usual friend, who has not yet left the house to join you while you are already at home waiting for her.

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