Home entertainment Jason Bourne 6? Matt Damon reveals that something is moving

Jason Bourne 6? Matt Damon reveals that something is moving

Jason Bourne 6?  Matt Damon reveals that something is moving

Matt Damon, guest star of the show, revealed that there is work going on behind the scenes for a new film in the Jason Bourne saga. It will be the sixth chapter, including a spin-off with Jeremy Renner. But who is working on it?

Nearly eight years ago Matt Damon Jason Bourne Missing from movie screens: Chatting as a guest on an episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Damon did just that open But something is moving on the front long storybecause a Chapter six Exists at this moment Writing courseAdding the name of the author who is working on it. It's not about it Paul Greengrass.
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Matt Damon and Jason Bourne 6 by Edward Berger

Matt Damonlast year in Air – The story of the Great Leap From his friend Ben AffleckA. revealed a new movie Designed for the super agent Jason Bourne And In preparation. The news was not very clear, because the latest Jason Bourne 2016, still directing Paul Greengrassgrossed $415 million worldwide, at a cost of $120 million: not a flop, but one of those hits that don't drive major companies like… worldwide To build follow after follow up. Of course, the aforementioned film was better than the previous attempt Spin-off with Jeremy Renner, Inherited goal (Similar cost, almost half the revenue), but now it seems that a Born 6 It is actually in the making.
Obviously Damon couldn't reveal much, but he said that German director Edward Berger He had an “idea” and was working on it, tough guys Four Oscars 2023 Collect it for him Nothing new on the Western Front (Out of nine nominations). Matt hasn't specified if he'll be involved, but it's legitimate to imagine so, since he knows this exact backstory and in the past has proven to be somewhat upset about the breakup with Renner, so it's unlikely he would talk about a new project in which he's not directly involved. . On the other hand, Greengrass, as we learn, announced his experiment on the hero he had created Robert Ludlum: If Berger's project gets approval, the series will still be enhanced by a drier, more European, less Hollywood-like stylistic approach, which may have made its fortune at the box office, thus defining its specificity identification.


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