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Glenn Schofield admits the crisis is being done “for passion” –

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It looks like the Striking Distance Studios team is having a period crush To complete the development Callisto Protocol on time. With a Twitter post, Glen Scofield Talk about 6-7 working days a week and 12-15 hour shifts.

The tweet in question has been deleted by the author himself, possibly due to the angry reactions to the tones used, which seem to almost legitimize the crisis and the “hard work” done for emotion. But not fast enough: It was rescued and re-shared by several people, including famous journalist Jason Schreyer, who criticized The Callisto Protocol’s game director’s claims.

“We work 6-7 days a week, nobody forces us. Fatigue, fatigue, Covid, but we work. 12-15 hours a day. These are games. Hard work. You do it because you love it.”

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The phenomenon of crisis, which consists in facing much longer and more intense transformations than usual while meeting deadlines, is widespread in the video game industry. However, in recent years we have seen more and more studios and publishers distance themselves from this harmful employee practice.

Callisto protocol is scheduled to go live in December 2 For PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC. The team recently said that the game will not be coming to Game Pass because it is not suitable for linear titles.

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