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Correct psychological – physical – technical training for young athletes

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The meeting entitled “Comparing methodologies in early age motorsports activities” was organized by the Campobasso Provincial Committee of ANSMes

“Comparative methodologies in early age motorsports activities” is the title of the technical training meeting organized by the Campobasso Provincial Committee of the National Merit Kone and Seb Association of Stars and Athletes, and held at the Campobasso City Gymnasium. Higher Institute “L. Montigny “for the capital. This event was included in the national macro project ANSMeS “Sports and Youth” 2022, the flagship event for all other projects to be implemented on the national territory in collaboration with Cip, Coni Molise, Sports and Health and the Regional School Office of Molise where they welcomed the invitation of the Provincial Council addressed For technicians, companies and school teachers.

Three sports areas were taken into account by speakers presented by the ANSMeS Regional Delegate in Campobasso, Prof. Giuseppe D’Elia in the presence of Regional President Michele Falcioni and National Councilor Franco Palladino: athletics, basketball and football. By means of a cross-sectional comparison, the characteristics and technical aspects common to the three disciplines necessary for the correct and complete psychological, physical and technical training of young athletes who practice them, as well as with practical examples in this field, are highlighted with one eye (also critical) to the difficulties encountered in starting sports Because of the different lifestyles established by modern technology and luxury in the new generations.

the professor. Sergio Genovese referred to “kinetic illiteracy,” or how young children’s abilities to perform basic movements changed, once simple because they experienced in the gymnasium that was the street, the yard. the professor. Umberto Anzini, for his part, highlighted the aspect of “low attention span” associated with the speed of modern life. All this, they repeated with the third speaker Ciro de Alessandro, who studied programming and applied it in practice, in the influence of novelty that must never be lacking, but above all in empathy and the desire to transfer something to children whose approach to sport, its care and positive development into a winning methodology.

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