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The accident that changed his wife’s life

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Roberto Benigni The Incident That Changed His Wife’s Life: Details of the Three Moment Nicoletta Brasci passed on.

A versatile actor, comedian, screenwriter and director, Roberto Benigni is one of the Italian artists most appreciated by the public; There are many projects that have achieved overwhelming success, among them the famous ones Life is beautifulwhich won international success Benigni and an Oscar.

The Benigni Wife Incident.

Besides him, his wife is also well known Nicoletta Brasci, who is also an actress and star of the movie Life is Beautiful; However, during her lifetime the woman had to face the consequences of an accident that changed her life.

Roberto Benigni The accident that changed his wife’s life: here are the details

Roberto and Nicoleta met in the 80’sspecifically in 1983 on the set you bothered me; The marriage came eight years later, in the year 91, sealing not only a strong love but also an artistic partnership that saw the actress later participate in all of her husband’s films.

Just a few years ago, in 2012 (as I mentioned on the site ildemocrato.comBenigni supported his wife through a difficult period, who unfortunately saw her face the consequences of a bad car accident.

Prachi was actually in that car that she went to because of a fatal mistake hit the pillar of light; Fortunately, the airbag saved her from more serious damage, but the actress still suffered severe facial trauma.

Roberto Benigni accident
Nicoletta Braschi and the car accident a few years ago (Photo: Nicoletta Braschi).

Entering the hospital, Brashi slowly recovered, even if some scars remained on her face; She herself, in the course of various interviews, has always said how she is not shy about signs, but simply sees them as Effects of life experiences to be proud of.

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The last time we saw the actress on the big screen was with Said Lazarus, released in 2018 and directed by Alice Rohrwacher; She waits to see her again on the set of national critics and doesn’t continue to pay tribute to her career.

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