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Powerful shot by Cademar in Cabirana – Settimanasport.com

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The challenge for Capirana lies in the third minute of the match: Gaccioli makes a challenge with his hand outside the area and receives a red card (Crippa goes in between the posts instead of Motta…) which reduces the number of Capiranas to ten for almost the entire match, and not only that, but in the kick. The resulting free kick gave Di Vittorio the lead for Cadimar. The resulting “force” by the hosts, to which the Cadamutes did not fail to respond, will not change the “result”.

Having said all this, there is no doubt anyway that the 'Buccellato cure' is being felt at Juventus, the results as well as the postponed match; Without forgetting that the same arrangement began to improve. Not only that, but apart from that Lesuvian who eventually entered the front line, Cademar has yet to use the horde of reinforcements he received in the latter part of the transfer window.

In the picture, the last picture of the Lesufi in a Levanto shirt before his recent trip to Cadimar.

Capiranese – Cadimari 0 – 1

Marker: Di Vittorio.

Capiranese: Gacioli, Dallaglio (Panccalari), Cogozzo (Muggia); Rolandelli, Lenali, Garassi; Vateroni (Costa), Pinag, Mosto; Modica and Motta (Kripa). All Marseille.

Kademir: Petra, Lertola, Caneri; Conte, Sikoro (Lesufi), Deli; Ambrosi (Bartoletti), Agrifoli, Portuguese (Ferrari); Mazzucchelli and Di Vittorio. All. Buccellato.

Referee: Verdoya from Genoa.

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