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Esselunga is looking for the occasion of the moment: how to apply

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Despite the high prices, there are those who continue to hire employees for new jobs. Esselunga has shared personal search ads for tasks ranging from production to sales to management. Here are the open positions and how to apply.

Esselunga is introducing new business opportunities to more than 50 people in some of its newly opened stores. The employees sought to cover a wide range of jobs, in fact new supermarkets are looking for warehouse workers, pharmacists, cashiers and more.

esselunga is hiring employees –

What are the open positions?

Esselunga is a supermarket chain operating mainly in central and northern Italy and has 160 stores in the region, employing more than 25 thousand employees.

This supermarket has a long history behind it and continues to open its stores to this day, giving many people the opportunity to work in a peaceful and at the same time stimulating environment, in the face of data on Italian unemployment that continues to rise relentlessly.

The new headquarters will soon open in Siena, namely in Via Macitana Romana, ready to receive more than 50 new employees who will take care of the warehouse area, merchandise storage, sales area, to arrange of products for sale at the cash desk.

How to apply

To be able to apply for job offers, by participating in the selection of personnel, simply visit the official website and register. After completing your profile, you can upload your updated CV and then go through the different steps of interviews and tests.

esselunga profile search -
esselunga profile search –

Esselunga is currently looking for employees for all regions of central and northern Italy, especially pharmacists, for all pharmacy points within the supermarket, but also for food production workers, hairdressers and electromechanical mechanics of industrial facilities.

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Esselunga Job is the site created specifically for the search for employees, where advertisements are periodically entered with the indicated goods: the job, the region and the city in which employees are required, the type of contract.

The steps to be part of the Esselunga team are as follows:

  • Register on the website
  • Create a profile with data and an updated CV
  • Create a presentation video to attach to the request by answering a survey
  • The first remote interview with the recruiter
  • Second interview in person

If all steps are completed with a positive opinion of the Headquarters managers, it will be possible to continue receiving the formal proposal from Esselunga and the following assumption.

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