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“It’s not a movie made to please.”

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Six months after the release blond on Netflixfor the protagonist Ana de Armas It’s time to get some pebbles out of your shoes. film Andrew Dominic It has been heavily criticized, if not reviled, by those who believe in book adaptations Marlin Monroe It is brutal and unnecessarily pornographic.

Blond, as we remember, is based on a book authored by Joyce Carol Oates who was more interested in defining the icon Marilyn, the image that the male audience had primarily. The result was a very violent movie against the former singer, who to this day remains an icon of beauty and sensuality. An aspect that may not be understood by part of the audience, who defined it as «The most hateful movie ever».

Ana de Armas clearly doesn’t think so, judging by an interview with Hollywood Reporter He revealed a background on his performance, and above all had his say in the heavy criticism he received, even after him Oscar nomination 2023 like Best Leading Actress. Regarding the controversy, he said:

The reaction that got the most attention is that it’s in the US, but it doesn’t represent the whole overall experience. It was difficult to hear certain criticisms, but you can always reflect on how you lived, what you did and the reasons that brought you into the project. This will not change. There’s the director and other actors that you can always talk to. While it’s hard to tell the movie didn’t like it, it is what it is. It is not a movie made to please or please people. It’s hard to watch.

With regard to alleged insults to the memory and to the icon Marilyn Monroe, her interpreter would naturally have a very different view than that of the fiercest critics:

I don’t think the movie speaks ill of her. I think the opposite is true, he talks about the environment and the industry, which is a bitter pill that other people in the industry sometimes swallow. I think the movie makes the audience feel involved. While we have contributed, we continue to do so, exploiting actors and people under the public eye. We as an audience do. And I think someone could have felt their finger pointing.

In recent days, with regard to dignitaries and media attention, Ana de Armas has expressed very critical attitudes towards the use of social media, which in her opinion would have threatened the prestige of cinema and entertainment in general, and is no longer inaccessible.

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What do you think that? Star blond Is he right in defending the movie? Tell us about you in the comments.

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