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Catanzaro, little space to turn around

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Outside of Rolando, Fazio and Katseris, Vivarini does not change. About 2000 tickets have been sold

After debuting with Picerno, the “Ceravolo” spotlights are back to host Latina in this midweek first round of the tournament, the third day of the Serie C Championship. Catanzaro reaches the match with full points After the successes of Picerno and Taranto. After the great success in Foggia (1-3), Latina was beaten in the “Francione” by Pescara (1-2).

The 23 players summoned by Vivarini are the same in Taranto. In addition to Rolando and Fazio, who trained with the group this morning, young Greek winger Katsiris, who has an ankle problem, will be absent.

Catanzaro will take up the challenge knowing that we must make the most of the good moment. The Giallorossi coach, during the two days available to prepare for the match, tried various solutions to keep the whole squad on the line. The starting eleven can undergo some minor changes. Tomorrow Vivarini will decide everything, taking into account the sporting state of the individual. As predicted at the coach’s press conference, Pontisso doesn’t look ready yet so it will be up to Ghion once again with Verna and Sounas midfield. In front of me It’s hard to think of Vivarini leaving the Iemmello-Biasci couple, even if Curcio paws. In defense there are some chances for Molly in terms of turnover, while Situm, Vandepute and Tintardini will swap on the wings, and the top two are still favored to start from the first minute.

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Di Donato, coach of Latina, knows well the difficulties of the match against the Giallorossi and asks his team the utmost attention, putting his hands forward: “It is always good to be able to face a strong team, Catanzaro is probably the strongest team in the leagueA championship that begins to shake the wrists of Pontini: Foggia, Pescara and Catanzaro in the first three days, so far without distortion. Quite the opposite. Latina, who arrives in Calabria tomorrow morning, will have to give up the former Di Livio and full-back De Santis who is still in The hole Carissone is ineligible while striker Carletti will return.

Updated coupon sales data on 19 is 1996 separate tickets added to 2,368 subscribers. There are 24 fans who will come from Lazio. Pre-sales are also active tomorrow, along with the box office in the stadium that will operate until the kick-off of the match scheduled at 9 pm.


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