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House of the Dragon, the pros and cons of the tidal master. Voices in 1×8 . loop

House of the Dragon, the pros and cons of the tidal master.  Voices in 1×8 . loop

Weekly Best Movie Rendezvous is back with the hottest TV series right now: Every new episode of House of The Dragon, available exclusively on Now and Sky, will be accompanied by semi-serious commentary and voting with a best and worst bet. From this link You can retrieve all articles in the Game of Thrones column.

ATTENTION: Contains spoilers for House of the Dragon 1×8

New episode, and once again jump forward. It’s been 6 years since the funeral Lina Villarion It became an ideal opportunity to fix things in the family: RhineraShe was almost killed by her stepmother AlicentShe arranged her husband’s death to marry her uncle Damon, and they finally had children of unquestioned paternity and everything seemed to go at best in the style of a full-blown Argentine soap opera. but not. before starting, Public Episode Rating: Deserves 6This time, the perfect ratio between the exciting moments that were recorded Buddy Considine (8) And the frequent boredom of other scenes (4).

Lord of the tides Opens again in the Driftmark: The Queen Who Wasn’t Aware That Her Husband and Lord of the Tides Corellis Villarion He was badly wounded in the Stepstone War (Vestros, Vietnam) and likely will not survive. Brother comes forward for wood throne, however he should legitimately move into the First Age… Wait a minute, where did we actually see that scene? We started by chance the first episode of Dragon House? The dynamic is identical in every respect to the one that rocked the Targaryen house And thereforeoto 1 and a note in the log for transcription from counter-neighbor.

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Not content with reallocating the theater itself, Faymond Villarion The Rhaenyra (on behalf of the son Luciers Philaerion, or Laenor’s first “helpful” heir) decides to rush to King’s Landing to settle the matter to the same person who years earlier explained his way of doing family disputes. Obviously we’re talking about Viserys, here in version King Thjoden Even worse. Rated 8 for makeup, but 2 for the dentist in court.

Despite being increasingly wrapped up in himself, the aging and neglected King is the ultimate hero of the episode’s most epic moment (and in the series’ Top 5 so far): a triumphant entry into his home hall. Game of thrones (9 . sound), an aura of strength of a peculiar character in regard to her appearance which would not be met until two hundred years later by the famous impostor. Tyrion Lannister. It is a pity that a joint meeting awaits him: Mr. Finanzio of the second floor claims that Rina of the fifth floor threw crumbs at him when he dried the tablecloth and that the wooden throne is his own. “number“The king answers.”So your grandchildren are bastards and your daughter is a whore» Answers Venanzio, proving that he has learned nothing from his family history. Rina’s husband intervened, and the post office worker Damiano and Fanzio lost his head. Literally. Rated 5 to Much Ado About Nothing.

Just to stress that no one cares about Villarion and the Wooden Throne, the answer to the (another) mansion murder is to organize a nice family dinner. They are all there and this is the problem: Dragon House The movie revolves around two families and he somehow manages to complicate the family tree by giving the sons and daughters names that are different from the sons’ names, if all goes well. Raina, Bayla, Egon, Emond, Damon, Egon again, two Viziers, a donkey! By the end, Rainera will likely become her grandmother. Rated 3 on plot, making it easy through difficult useless.

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Fortunately, he’s back: Paddy Considine, who eats the scene again, and proves his insane ability as a fast-changing actor. Having played Gollum and King Theoden, he appears here as a mandarin left in the bottom of the refrigerator for two months. Vote for Pier Francesco Favino for an exceptional actor.

After talking about family alive and love alive, we come back to the downside: Extended families talk about old feelings and grudges gathering around a dinner that will never be eaten. practically this is usA fictional version, with a little bit of incest. Among them all stands out Aemond, who with a crazy anagram lover reveals himself the new demon of sadism and the desire to see the world burn. Unfortunately or fortunately, this is further evidence that the show has some trouble managing sudden and often unexplained changes in character between one jump and the next. But in this case, it is also true that riding a warship with wings works wonders for a man’s confidence. Rated 7 to a strange house in Targaryen-Hightower.

Episode VIII underscores the mix of good and bad from the prequel and marks the farewell to its best performer to date: without its integrated co-director, it would now be an open war between Hightower and Targaryen. Whoever wins can choose which new Vellarion to bully (A rare commodity now).

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