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Far Cry 6 Title Update 2 Available: Update News –

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Far Cry 6 I received the Address Update 2: l ‘UpdateIt introduces some important innovations to the Ubisoft game. The French company stated that the update on the PS5 weighs 90 GB, but in fact we have personally verified and the dimensions are about 18 GB.

Far Cry 6 is considered one of the best episodes ever by users, and it takes us to an island injurywrestling with a dangerous dictator Anton Castillo And his forces: As a fighter, we have to unite the rebel forces under one flag to liberate the archipelago.

As written at the beginning, Ubisoft net connection errors, update on PlayStation 5 It’s about 18 GB in size, while on other consoles, the dimensions are: 49-60 GB on PS4, 54 GB on PC, 13-20 GB on Xbox, with variations by region.

Game updates

  • New daily and weekly challenges have been added.
  • New Special Operation: Los Tres Santos available from November 19.
  • The redeployment rate of enemies in the following areas has been adjusted: Jose Island and Martinez Helipad.
  • General performance improvements.

Quality of life changes

  • The opening sequence can be skipped like the other scenes.
  • The Co-Op list displays an exclamation point when a mode becomes available.
  • Several translations have been fixed to make the meaning better.
  • A tutorial was added to Moneda after the completion of the First Intifada.
  • The workbench background has been updated to be less distracting.
  • Color blindness mode has been updated to solve some problems with people with deuteranopia.

Added to this is the accuracy of a number of minor errors. For more details about the game, check out our Far Cry 6 review.

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