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Italian Stock Exchange, commenting on today’s session (March 8, 2022)

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UniCredit is driving the rally in banking sector stocks. Telecom Italia wore TIM after jogging the day before. Petroleum booster

Sitting features strong fluctuations For the main indices of the Italian Stock Exchange and the main European financial markets: The FTSEMib index closed with an increase of less than 1 percentage point. Pierre Ferret – Technical Analyst at ActivTrades – reported that all sectors are above key support levels. According to the expert now There is a wait-and-see attitudeInvestors are watching the situation cautiously in the event of a major turnaround, after recent sell-offs have created cross-list buying opportunities. “While bullish traders are currently defending technical support areas, all these signals are likely to continue to confuse the market and affect its mood. increased volatility and strong price action across all asset classes in the very short term,” Pierre Ferret speculated.

The FTSEMib It rose 0.8% to 22,338 points, after it fluctuated between the lowest level at 21,887 points and the highest level at 22,988 points. until the FTSE Italia all participated It rose 0.8%. plus sign for file FTSE Italia medium hat (+ 0.72%), while The star of FTSE Italia It lost 1.49%. In the March 8, 2022 session, the trading value fell to 4.17 billion euros, compared to 5.17 billion on Monday.

It’s 17.30 Bitcoin It fell below $38,500 (less than €35,500).

The BTP-Bund spread Less than 150 points are reported.

L ‘euro It’s back below $1.09.

addresses The banking sector They were champions in FTSEMib.

rise of UniCredit (+ 6.12% up to 9,017 €). very very good BancoBPM (+ 5.09%) e Paper Bank (+5.38%).

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Oil stocks riseafter the price of crude oil in New York (the contract expires in April 2022) reached more than $129 a barrel.

Great performance by Saipem (+13.2% to €1,043). very very good Tenaris (+3.22%).

Telecom Italia TIM Bouncing back after the previous day’s roller coaster. A . phone group address has been registered 5.85% progress to 0.2498 euros. As written in Corriere della Sera, the phone group’s board of directors may meet in the coming days to update the offer from the KKR fund.

In FTSEMib dips ampliphone (-4.72%) H Interpump (-4.14%).

e-price Ended the session 3% higher at 0.0206 €. The company approved the financial results for 2020, and indicated that negotiations are continuing with Najma to restructure the company.

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