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Vicenza, “Danny” Danzo has died: an empire-builder from poor Canadian immigrants

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Danilo Danny Danzo

Danilo Danny Danzo died in Victoria. He is 90 years old and he One of the most famous Italians in British Columbia, a province in the western part of Canada. He was born Valdagnoin the Vicenza area, in 1932 and the youngest of nine children Migrated to foreign countries In search of fortune he later discovered. He died Saturday afternoon surrounded by the affection of his family. Leaves He is survived by his wife Jane, daughter Sarah and beloved grandchildren, Hugo and Greta. Those who knew him remembered him as a brilliant Italian-Canadian businessman. He was exhausted by the sufferings he endured during World War IIAnd, in 1956, he tried to build a future on the other side of the world.

His luck in Vancouver

The man of other times loved to conquer challenges. However, he kept it in his heart In memory of his beloved Veneto. He left a few things in his suitcase and managed to build an empire for himself with his perseverance, intelligence, dedication and always kind and cheerful manner. He was always polite to others and it was a unique trait that allowed him to rise slowly but surely in society. Friends say he is always flawless. He had a very clear vision of what he wanted. He shook hands and did business. Brick by brick He built his fortune around Vancouver Island, an empire of residential and commercial areas. However, the crowning glory of his entrepreneurial career was fulfilling his dream. Rialto HotelOne of the most luxurious and important in the capital with its 56 rooms (a clear homage to its land) located at number 653 on Pandora Avenue. A boutique hotel where you can breathe the land of your birth.

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Buy the first hotel you stay at

Friends tell us how he doesn’t hide it That investment It will never make him money, but the forgotten corner of the city is now one of the most famous places in the city. In 2000 he bought the centuries-old and dilapidated building Douglas HotelBecause he is already Prince George It was the first place he stayed when he set foot in the city. An operation from 10 million dollars Canadians. Then in 2012, the inauguration of the building ended with the restaurant he wanted to baptize with the name. Veneto Bar Restaurant. He was proud of that little gem. He was a hard worker, tireless and able to turn everything he touched into gold. He knows how to stick his nose into business, create opportunities for himself, exploit them and take advantage of them. After a life that had always been great he allowed himself some peace and quiet in his last days. He created the Vancouver circle of Vicentini in the world. The news of his passing spread rapidly in the local and non-local press. The dear man who made his mark has many certificates. Funeral Mass will be celebrated on October 14th at St. Andrew’s Church.

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