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1200 euros directly to the account

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Today’s popular 5 mile price can lead to 1,200 euros instantly. How do we recognize it and what characteristics should it have?

Five thousand liras –

Who remembers Famous 5 thousand lira Because he lived in a different era, where people were still paying the famous old coin that wrote Italian history. Collectors are constantly challenging and matching these banknotes and coins, some with very high values ​​that can increase over the years. In this particular case we are talking about And 5 thousand lira Which made history and the wallet has never lacked, so much so that today it amounts to 1200 euros.

5,000 lira banknote

Who remembers the 5000 old lira? A blast from the past for all who lived the lira and those still today can give a lot of satisfaction. There are many people who regret their previous coin, holding it tightly in some drawer or in a bag in the hope that one day this set will come in handy.

Italian Lira

The euro has been used for 20 years Now that bank accounts are accustomed to this change. Of course, it is not uncommon to hear people regret the lira and want to return to it when they had more purchasing power and A specific personal identity.

Some do not remember this currency and these banknotes, so much so that grandparents are happy to tell their grandchildren about the history of the Italian lira and the purchasing power of those days. And now? Today, we can find coins and bills scattered in pockets or purses, some of which can be quite valuable.

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lira and euro
Lira and

The 5000 lira banknote is remembered by everyone and allows you to buy many things. The 1985 plaque with Vincenzo Bellini’s portrait on one side was printed by the Bank of Italy several times until 1996. Legal currency It expires on February 28, 2002 with the official entry into the euro.

The composer accompanies the representation of Teatro Massimo in Catania, while on the opposite side a scene from Bellini Norma is shown. Comes with a scale 126 x 70 mm Signed by the Governor and Treasurer.

5 thousand lira banknote of 1200 euros: characteristics

How much Today 5 thousand paper lira? It all depends on the state of preservation and the serial number that it provides. The string starting with AA is the first string ending with the letter A, if it is in perfect condition, 260 euros are also paid.

The value of the banknote changes if it contains certain serial numbers, in equal or sequential numbers, with a value up to €200 if it is in perfect condition.

old lira
Old Lira

But that’s not all, in fact there are pieces that have a great value and they are those that contain the serial number that starts with the letter X, and are used to identify defective types and that reach a good value up to 1.200 EUR (always in perfect condition)

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