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Drug homicide in Canada and the criminal balance between Calabria, Toronto, and Montreal

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What happens in the underworld between Toronto and Montreal in Canada and why do certain events affect Calabria and ‘Entrangheta?
This question is about the profile Twitter from Antonio ThaliaThe beginning of a thread, led me Investigate the murder of a Calabrian drug lord Happened a few weeks ago and never appeared in the Italian media.
Antonio Talia is a Calabrian who deals with foreign and transnational crimes Radio24Author of a valuable book Statele 106. Travel the Secret Roads of ‘Ntrangheta’. But let’s come to the facts.

Eight o’clock in the morning in the suburbs of Montreal

Vincenzo Armeni

He smiles in the photo on the funeral announcement site Vincenzo Armeni Pink tie and elegant suit boutonniere Relatives did not disclose the cause of deathAnnouncing the funeral of a deceased loved one born on September 24, 1956 e He died on October 25 this year.

That morning at 8 a.m. in a parking lot in Laval, a suburb of Montreal Center Ceramic (The suspicious location was monitored by the police for a long time A potential summit of the Sollecito familyThe body of Vincenzo Armeni (Sicilian branch of the Montreal Mafia) was found Filled with bullets. A burnt out Honda SUV was found half an hour later In an abandoned house near Lachapelle Bridge. It was definitely the car of his killers.

A Honda SUV was destroyed in the fire. Investigators believe it was the car of the Armenian killers

From Lockride to Canada with convictions for drug trafficking

But who is Vincenzo Armeni? A family from Artore in Locride, Reggio Calabria, In 2007 Vincenzo Armeni was sentenced to 19 years in prison for importing 760 kg of coca.. In 1998 he was already a 166 kg white South American sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Vincenzo Armeni

He has been on probation since 2020 Thanks to poor sanitary conditions and the Canadian Warranty Code. In 2016, probation was denied by a judge because he was still “inserted into the criminal organization he belongs to.” The Calabrian branch of the Montreal mafia is close to boss Renault Desjardins, known as “The Billionaire,” a rare French-speaker at the top of the organization..
Canadian Chronicles mention Armenian clans (In Italy the press, even the most official, did not mention it), employed Joe de MauloDesjardins’ brother-in-law was killed in 2012 Moreno Gallo, A year later the Calabrian boss was killed in Acapulco. Armenia is also related Donino GallocchiaHis brother-in-law was also murdered in 2014. Multiple deaths in the same families.

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Ardor’s “Trangada Section” discovered by John Dickey.

Artor, a town in the Lockheed region, has a little-known principality called the ‘Ndrangheta. The English historian discovered it John Dickey In a court decision In it we read”A witness said that in 1920 or 1921, on the coast of Artore, a convict “advised him to join the Trangata section.”“”. According to the researcher, “It The earliest evidence is that the Ndrangheta is identified with its modern name“. And there are more recent dates. On July 22, 1990, a meeting between the international representatives of the ‘Entrangheta took place at Artore Marina. Domenico Sergi for Australia, Vincenzo Trento for Canada, Eliseo Lazzarino for Belgium. Let’s get back to this story.

Police paid rent to drug dealer’s wife

Vincenzo Armeni, Giuseppe’s direct grandson, has been cited as a figure by police reports Very influential in the Canadian MafiaHe was also involved in an investigation into the smuggling of heroin, when it was discovered that Artor’s family owned the heroin. A building of a division of the Montreal police. The irony is that it was founded in an Armenian building Team EclipseSpecializes in monitoring bars and gathering information about individuals associated with organized crime, unknown to their managers. They paid rent to the wife of one of the Canadian drug lords, Vincenzo Armeni..

Seven drug dealers were killed in three and a half years

On October 25, a brutal massacre of Armenians took place. In late August, another cocaine importer, Maxim LenoirHe was shot dead in the parking lot of the Rockland Center in Montreal. Seven coca dealers have been killed in the region in the last three-and-a-half years due to Artor’s drug addiction. It didn’t end there. In the days following the Armenian murder, back in Laval, two men in a car attempt to kill Francesco del Palso52, a key figure in Italian-Canadian organized crime, with various charges including coca smuggling and illegal betting. This was at least his second ambush.
I don’t know what they think in Calabria about this Canadian massacre.

The power vacuum and fragile balance in Canada they bring to Calabria

He reconstructs Antonio Talia very well. A family member in 2019 Carmelo MuyaKilled at Siderno the previous year, He understood that he would have to go to Toronto to identify those responsible, because the killing was decided there. None other than Carmelo Muya, better known as “Mino”, the right-hand man of boss Giuseppe Camiso. Thus, his brother Vincenzo flies to Toronto from Siderno To determine who is responsible for the murder. Who do you see Vincenzo Muya in Toronto in 2019? According to investigators with Cosimo and Angelo Figliomeni among the leaders Siderno GroupOne of the main global networks of the ndrangheta.
This story has been reconstructed in the past by Corriere della Calabria.
Calabrian bosses and other murders of uncensored relatives They recorded frequently in Hamilton Around Toronto.
According to Thalia, crimes, both ancient and recent, are framed In a power vacuum that has persisted for yearsSince the death of the “Chief in Chief” of all Canada, Vito Risotto. And after the development of the last few weeks A tie between Toronto, Montreal and Calabria (especially in Siderno) remain mysterious.
Who Kills Canada’s Top Drug Traffickers? ([email protected])

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